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Individualized insights for clear prioritization

Given the increasingly competitive circumstances higher-level academic institutions face, BerryDunn’s benchmarking capabilities provide clear comparisons that help you identify both strengths and areas for improvement. We offer clear insights on how your institution measures against peers, marking performance metric comparisons in areas that include operational and process performance, innovation, and personnel planning. 

In the spirit of academic collaboration, we connect directly with peer institutions to gain understanding that goes beyond industry data—providing valuable insights to help clients make informed strategic decisions. BerryDunn’s benchmarking services help colleges and universities to stay apace of ever-evolving campus needs. Our services rely on proven methodologies—and the insights of our expert team. 

Our process is tailored to meet the specific needs of each institutional client, and typically includes:

  • Use of leading industry data resources. We augment our data-gathering efforts with industry resources—including EDUCAUSE—and aggregate key findings to produce comprehensive comparisons. 
  • Peer institution research. In addition to industry data resources, we interview peer institutions to fully understand their operational strengths and weaknesses, yielding findings that go beyond standard data sets. 
  • Data analysis. Working with all available data, we help clients to understand their relative strengths and weaknesses to identify opportunities and threats that inform strategic planning. 
  • Detailed recommendations. Once analysis is complete, we assemble actionable recommendations, employing industry best practices to establish strategic priorities. 

Like to see how your institution compares? Contact our benchmarking team to get started. 

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BerryDunn experts and consultants

After working with larger CPA firms in the past, I am impressed at how we see the same staff from BerryDunn return year after year, how well they understand the higher education audit requirements and the time they take to really understand Hartwick College. Their knowledge of the College and its financial statements and their willingness to consult with us during the year is invaluable. Working with BerryDunn has been a pleasure.

- Karen V. Zuill, Controller, Hartwick College

Understanding higher education audit requirements