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The ACA: A defining issue for today’s health benefits plans

Despite continuing controversy, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is the law of the land—and BerryDunn is the ideal partner to help your organization navigate its complexities. While the ACA is no longer new, its impact continues to evolve and penalty assessments keep coming. BerryDunn has the experience and knowledge to help you meet annual reporting requirements and ensure compliance.

ACA compliance starts with early planning—and ongoing vigilance. The BerryDunn team works closely with your organization to understand the ACA’s nuances, and to develop and document a clear program that avoids the risk of IRS employer compliance penalties. Our proven processes consider all potential ACA impacts, and provide clear answers to the following key questions:

  • Are your health benefits “affordable” as defined by the law?
  • Do your health benefits provide “minimum value?”
  • Are you abiding by the 30-hours rule and the 95% coverage rule?
  • Do you know who to count, and what type of hours worked and time periods to use?
  • Do you understand the look-back and monthly measurement methods?
  • When are non-calendar year-ends subject to the new rules?
  • Should you consider self-insurance options going forward?
  • What do I do if my company receives a penalty letter from the IRS?

As accounting experts with core competency in healthcare environments, BerryDunn is uniquely qualified to provide in-depth ACA support. We know the data and demographic thresholds that place your company in various categories, and understand the penalties and rules that apply—including non-discrimination rules. Developed through years of benefits and compensation work, our sophisticated analytical tools consider your employee demographics to arrive at a workable, sustainable plan for ACA compliance.

To learn more, please contact our ACA services team

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