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Meeting the challenge of ACA reporting requirements


A fast-growing food service company had five separate entities (all different owners) and nine locations. The client changed payroll providers hoping for better service. Unfortunately, the payroll provider was struggling with ACA reporting requirements and the client became concerned.


BerryDunn’s experts worked with our client to:

  • Conduct a controlled group analysis to determine the actual ACA compliance requirements for each of the five business entities.
  • Identify errors in the draft ACA reports and to ensure corrections were accurate.
  • Move to a new payroll vendor that was better versed in the ACA.


The client finally understood the ramifications of multiple-entity status on ACA compliance. They also became aware of the design implications of the ACA affordability rules and gained confidence that their ACA reporting was as accurate as possible. Finally, the client moved to a new payroll provider that has been working out very well. 

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