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Distributor expands to US, setting up successful sale


The owners of a Canadian-based distributor wanted to expand operations. They were considering buying a US-based company with the goal of selling the entire entity in the near future, and they needed guidance on the available options.


BerryDunn worked with the company to:

  • Assess the potential of US-based companies they were interested in purchasing
  • Manage risk by performing buy-side due diligence, including a quality of earnings analysis on potential targets
  • Secure financing for the purchase
  • Structure and incorporate the necessary US entities


As a result of our findings, the owners moved forward with the acquisition with confidence, while also realizing a lower purchase price due to the team’s quality of earnings analysis.

After the purchase, our transaction advisory services team continued to work with the owners, providing post-acquisition support in the form of:

  • Purchase price accounting guidance
  • Transfer price studies
  • Financial reporting
  • Tax consulting and compliance
  • Value acceleration

Two years later, when the company was ready to sell, BerryDunn's transaction advisory services team worked with management to find the right investment banker to sell the business. BerryDunn also provided guidance on structuring the sale, minimizing tax exposure, and setting the client up for future investment opportunities in the US.

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