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Transaction advisory services

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The expertise you need for
a successful transaction

BerryDunn’s experienced transaction advisory team provides deep financial expertise and analytical rigor, along with personal attention and dedication to your goals.  

We partner with privately-held companies, bankers, lawyers, and investors, providing objective analysis, advice, and full service transaction support. Our team has been extensively involved in M&A, project development and succession projects ranging in enterprise value from $5 million to $800 million. 

Our integrated team brings together expertise in investment, valuation, credit, tax, and risk, delivering a holistic understanding of the issues, markets, and tax environment so you can make informed decisions.  


Our team’s acquisition and sell-side advisory services, capital raising and restructuring engagements support middle market transactions, family business transactions and bespoke corporate needs. 

Quality of Earnings (QoE) analysis and reporting

We deliver Quality of Earnings (QoE) analysis and reporting to provide a non-biased deep dive into a company’s historical and potential future earnings. 

Once due diligence is complete and the financial, commercial, and operational data are reviewed, we apply quantitative and qualitative adjustments to reflect the expected versus actual normalized economic earnings.  

We compare the data to benchmarks, credit conditions, and equity markets, and then thoroughly review and test all components to quantify risk points and unearth opportunities.

M&A advisory and transaction support

Whether you seek buy-side or sell-side advisory and assistance, we are there every step of the way to plan, draft, edit, model, and execute. From pre-transaction strategy and support services to direct transaction support in the thick of the deal, our experienced team is there for you.  

We organize and stage the data room, review and tighten up models, and prepare materials to support the creation of the Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) and support the broker/dealer process. We work alongside legal counsel and broker-dealers to objectively keep the legal and business points stitched together.  

Healthcare M&A consulting

Our experienced healthcare consulting team has a deep understanding of healthcare operations and the M&A due diligence needed to assess risks, determine the best structure, and get set up for a successful transaction. We dive deep into areas such as revenue integrity and healthcare compliance to help ensure that all bases are covered. 

Capital support services

We assist project developers, late-stage companies, and growing businesses prepare and secure sources of capital to achieve growth plans. While the amounts of capital, lengths of time needed, and capital types (debt, equity, or mezzanine) vary with specific circumstances, we have extensive experience advising clients on various sources of capital with our investment banking and credit market networks. We advise on the financing sources that will provide the best balance of cost of capital, cash flow, and lender-imposed risks, given a company’s specific stage in its growth cycle.  

Due diligence

When you read a novel, if you don’t read between the lines, you might miss an important part of the story. The same can be true in business. Our transaction advisory team reads the story of each transaction cover to cover, unveiling details that could be hard to find.  

We conduct thorough financial, tax, commercial, and operational due diligence on your behalf so you know exactly what the risks and opportunities are and can make informed actions at every stage of the process.  

Corporate finance advisory

We provide clients with corporate finance advice and support to turbocharge a timeline, leverage the talents of staff, or add expertise in analytics or decision support. Think of us as an extension of the leadership support team to rely on to help increase value for stakeholders and find solutions to the biggest challenges.  

What to expect at BerryDunn

At BerryDunn, we give you the personalized attention of a boutique group, with the resources of a national firm. Our transaction advisory team is comprised of a dedicated and experienced team of senior leaders, backed by a deep bench of finance experts.  

We partner with you, sharing the insights you need to make the best decisions. Because we focus on learning your business and knowing your industry, we can help you take advantage of opportunities to make you more competitive and successful. 

About us


"We are an investment bank dedicated to sell-side engagements for privately held companies of substantial size. Nearly all our engagements are across the table from very powerful institutional investors and buyers that hire the most prestigious financial and accounting diligence firms in the world. BerryDunn performed the pre-market diligence preparation for our client, not an easy job. They were timely, cooperative, and smart. They followed the transaction to the very end. I must add that the tax consultation is as good as I've seen in decades of work. The team is excellent."
Alex Graham
Managing Director
Mensura Capital, LLC
"We recently closed a significant transaction in which BerryDunn served as the financial due diligence and tax consultant. BerryDunn guided the client through the due diligence process with extensive experience and responsiveness. The tax consulting team was sophisticated, incredibly knowledgeable of all tax considerations/issues and provided the client with world-class service. I believe our client benefited greatly from having the BerryDunn team on their side and we are looking forward to working together with them in the future."
Valentina Midura
Senior Managing Director
BDO Capital

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