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Interim assistance services—keep your operations steady through changing times

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought fast-moving and unexpected variables to every organization, some of which existing finance and management teams weren’t prepared to handle. Companies that survived are now looking ahead to successfully navigate beyond the crisis and come out stronger. As you stabilize and shift focus on how to bring people back to work, it’s a good time to assess your organization’s response to date and identify areas for real-time improvements.

For key financial roles, our interim services team offers experienced, objective leadership and coaching to help ensure immediate stability and long-term sustainability. We’ll help you identify organizational insights to help you strategize and capitalize on the opportunity for event-driven transformation.

BerryDunn can help you meet these new challenges brought by COVID-19 and others you’ve always faced. We can help you:

  • Model scenarios to assess the impact on cash position
  • Identify the financial and operational levers to protect and generate cash, and potentially increase access to funding
  • Understand and plan for the financial reporting considerations that will result from COVID-19
  • Update accounting and revenue cycle processes, especially those that have rapidly evolved
  • Identify the skills necessary for short-term, complex projects, and provide support so you can complete that never-ending project list
  • Develop reasonable and timely cash flow forecasts
  • Navigate cost reimbursement complexities

In addition to interim assistance, we can provide guidance with the hiring process and ongoing support to your management team during any transition. As partners in serving your interim needs, we are committed to ensuring continuity, leaving your organization in a better position at the end of our engagement than at the beginning.

We have deep experience in, and passion for, helping organizations reach their goals. So, whether you engage with us to fill an interim position or work with the BerryDunn team to improve processes in your finance office, you’ll work with people fully committed to your organization’s success.

To learn more, please contact our interim services team.

Related Professionals

Andy Majka, a Senior Manager in our Healthcare group, serves as an interim CFO for hospitals.

"Andy is a proven strategist with a community mindset. He can actually visualize the faces of community members while he strategizes what is best for the organization. With every stroke of his pen, he understands how decisions affect our community. Many financial consultants will come in and make sure that 2+2=4. In his role as a strategist, rather than just a bean-counter, Andy adds more to the equation to make sure it accounts for the people we serve."

- Scot McCray, President/CFO, Community Health Services of Lamoille Valley

Interim CFO services for hospitals―a valuable addition