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Gain control Of your tax exposure

Comprehensive tax strategies for success

BerryDunn brings a deeply experienced, multidisciplinary team and extensive resources to each client’s unique tax situation, and works closely to develop comprehensive, coordinated strategies to ensure tax compliance, limit exposure, and optimize performance.

Our team offers thorough understanding of federal and multi-state tax law, and applies that knowledge to optimize tax-planning efforts. Our capabilities are tailored to the specific needs of each client, drawn from specialized services that include: 

Federal and state tax compliance services. BerryDunn’s compliance services team offers expertise for large corporations and small businesses alike. We keep abreast of the latest updates, laws, and regulations to make sure our clients are in compliance with all reporting obligations.

State and local tax planning. BerryDunn SALT advisors help you gain control in a shifting landscape of State and Local Tax laws. We stay ahead of the curve on SALT rulings and changes, help our clients address or avoid exposure, and identify cost-saving opportunities.

International tax planning. Whether you are looking to expand your business internationally or need inbound expertise to enter US markets, the BerryDunn team of international tax experts is ideally suited to your needs. From entering new markets to ensuring compliance across borders, our team of seasoned tax experts provides you with expertise and experience you need, and the dedicated customer-first approach you deserve.

Tax-exempt business. Our extensive experience in the tax-exempt arena can assist in the myriad of issues tax-exempt organizations face on a daily basis. Our dedicated team of not-for-profit tax experts are here to help tax-exempt organizations gain control over a variety of tax issues. 

Structuring tax-efficient transactions. Each business transaction presents both risk and opportunity, and BerryDunn’s seasoned consultants have the knowledge and experience necessary to arrive at the ideal balance. We work closely with each client to navigate complex tax issues and avoid compliance risks.

Tax credits and incentives. With deep experience in federal and state tax credits and incentives, the BerryDunn team helps clients to determine whether they qualify for incentives, to quantify corresponding tax savings, and to accurately document information for claim filings.

Comprehensive US GAAP and IFRS accounting services. Income tax accounting is subject to intense scrutiny by regulators, auditors and a range of other corporate stakeholders – and the challenge of applying generally accepted accounting standards both domestically (US GAAP) and internationally (IFRS) requires keen insight and demonstrated subject matter knowledge. BerryDunn auditors are well-versed in these principles, and we stay abreast of the ever-evolving tax law, economic trends, and policy changes that play a role in arriving at the reliable income tax accounts and disclosures required for accurate financial statements.

Mergers and acquisitions, restructuring. The BerryDunn team is deeply experienced with the complex tax issues involved with mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, divestiture, and equity investment. From transaction structuring to tax compliance, we focus on streamlining the transactional process, optimizing client outcomes, and mitigating risk.

Dispute resolution. When clients are faced with examinations by local, state, or IRS authorities, the BerryDunn team provides vital insight, analysis, and support. We leverage our experience and technology to analyze each unique situation, develop a clear response strategy, and pursue client-specific strategies to efficiently, effectively solve even the most complex tax controversies – and to avoid the potential for future disputes.

Cost segregation studies. For clients seeking to reduce current income tax obligations, the BerryDunn team’s cost segregation studies can produce significant savings. We work closely with clients to evaluate current depreciation classifications, and seek opportunities to reclassify and accelerate depreciation.

ESOP accounting, tax, and advisory services. The BerryDunn team provides comprehensive advice and counsel on the establishment of Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs). From feasibility and tax analysis to plan design, we bring the experience and insights necessary to arrive at the right ESOP solution for each client’s specific circumstance.

Executive compensation planning. BerryDunn takes a holistic approach to executive compensation, and works to structure pay packages that may include a range of components – all while protecting the organization and incentivizing performance.

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