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Take creditTax credits and incentives

A broad array of services to optimize your tax credits and incentives

There are many generous credits and incentives offered to encourage certain investments at federal, state, and local levels. Our tax experts help you gain a tax advantage across a broad range of industries and investments, posturing your business to optimize its tax position and set you up for long-term success. We have significant experience providing comprehensive tax incentive services, including:

  • Research and development tax credits
    BerryDunn’s Research and Development (R&D) tax credit team can help your business optimize its federal and state R&D tax credits and assist with developing processes and documentation required to sustain the credits. Our R&D tax credit team has broad experience working in industries with significant R&D investment—this expertise enables us to efficiently identify opportunities and tailor a solution right for your business.
  • Qualified opportunity zones
    The 2017 Tax Act created the opportunity zones program to promote investment in economically distressed communities. We can help you understand the potential tax benefits and requirements and determine if opportunity zone investment is right for you. 
  • Empowerment zone credits
    Our team provides a thorough review of your empowerment zone opportunities to ensure you receive the proper credits for your presence in distressed areas. We stay abreast of the rules and maximize the credit due in tiered incentive situations, helping you maintain and improve your position for sustained success.
  • Rehabilitation credits
    For real estate developers who renovate, restore, and reconstruct old buildings, we can help you take advantage of this incentive to help reduce costs and increase margins.
  • Renewable energy investment credits
    As an increasing number of renewable energy credits become available at both the state level, our tax experts work hard to keep up with the latest credits to ensure you get the most tax savings available.
  • Other state and local credits and incentives
    As part of our overall credit and incentive strategy, BerryDunn works hard to find opportunities to lessen your tax burden, often finding them before your project begins.
  • Cost segregation
    A cost segregation study can help businesses with investments in real property accelerate depreciation deductions by identifying costs that can be recovered over a shorter period of time. BerryDunn works with a variety of clients—-from real estate owners to auto dealers—-to apply the most appropriate strategies and latest innovations in cost segregation. If your business is planning a construction project, we can help you get the most out of a cost segregation study. You might consider one if you:
    • Are purchasing real estate
    • Are beginning a construction project
    • Are expanding an existing facility or undergoing a major renovation
    • Are making significant leasehold improvements
    • Have already completed any of the above in the past 14 years
    • Are a commercial real estate contractor looking to provide extra value to your clients

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