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Gain clarityFee studies and cost recovery

Optimize your local government agency with fee studies, cost recovery, and cost-of-service analysis

BerryDunn partners with government agencies to establish user fees that allow agencies to provide valuable services, determine the cost of those services, and provide a tool for updating fees on an annual basis, to make sure they receive appropriate amounts for services. 

Our consulting team, comprised of previous local government employees, experienced project managers, and seasoned consultants, develops tailor-made, comprehensive fee studies that are aligned with your organization. We build cost models and help you understand our calculations, recommendations, and best practices for next steps. Our fee studies allow you to set fees based on your agency’s actual costs, which builds fiscal accountability and shifts the cost to the particular user of the service as opposed to the taxpayer population.

Our process helps you determine the optimal application of user fees to recover up to the full cost of providing services, which include: 

  • Personnel and operating expenditures
  • Annualized capital costs
  • Departmental indirect costs
  • City or countywide indirect costs

For more information on how you can use fee studies to optimize your agency and work towards accurate and appropriate fee structures, contact the team.

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