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agency establishes an ERM program to prioritize risk management

BerryDunn’s Management and IT Consulting Practice Group partners with clients on the operational and technology aspects of their organizations, helping develop strategies, improving operations, streamlining processes and resource management, and creating innovative solutions for complex business process issues.

The team partnered with a not-for-profit agency that wanted to formalize its risk management processes and procedures as the agency was anticipating future growth.

The challenge

The client had elements of risk management in place, but efforts were largely informal. Looking ahead to anticipated growth and expansion, they knew they needed more out of an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program to drive decision-making and strategy going forward. The agency sought to identify current enterprise risks and establish a more formal ERM program with established processes dedicated to mitigating and managing risk.

The solution

The BerryDunn team worked with the agency to:

  • Identify, analyze, and prioritize enterprise risks
  • Establish an ERM program and document an ERM charter
  • Evaluate vendors and implement an ERM tool to support their ERM program efforts

The outcome

As a result of this work, the agency has:

  • Established risk management as a clear priority
  • Identified immediate next steps in building risk management into business processes and agency culture
  • Created a foundational framework for risk management efforts throughout the agency
  • Begun working with the selected vendor to customize a risk management platform to support their agency's needs

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