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skilled nursing and assisted living facility builds an EHR system to meet HIPAA compliance


An assisted and independent living health system was implementing a new cloud-based Electronic Health Record (EHR) system across four campuses. The implementation had been challenging—support was not meeting facility needs and end users were frustrated. Additionally, the transition to EHR software had demonstrated that their HIPAA compliance efforts needed further attention.


BerryDunn’s team:

  • Engaged facilities to assess usage and support for the EHR software
  • Worked with leadership to redesign their support model for the software and address items such as after-hours support
  • Assessed HIPAA compliance in light of the transition to new software
  • Helped incorporate changes into the remainder of their EHR implementation


The remainder of the EHR implementation was adjusted to incorporate findings of the assessment, and the health system made changes to communication and support protocols between its facilities. An action plan for strengthening HIPAA compliance was developed. The facilities team—realizing better support from the IT team—became less frustrated and better able to embrace the changes brought about by adopting a new EHR software.

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