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Fulfilling the promise of healthcare technology

Technology can help your organization improve efficiencies, serve your patients better, and improve outcomes. But choosing, implementing, and adopting a new enterprise system can be challenging—especially if you don’t know what you don’t know.

Our experienced team of health IT consultants has over 20 years of experience and has helped hundreds of organizations navigate the process. From assessing your needs and setting strategy to mitigating risk, implementing a system, and managing change, we’ll help you every step of the way, guided by proven methodologies and practical experience.


Our objective and experienced team includes clinicians, IT experts, and former department heads who have hands-on experience in implementing EHR, ERP, and other health IT systems successfully. Whether you need guidance through the entire process or have specific needs, we customize our services based on where you are today.

Electronic Health Record (EHR) consulting

EHR implementations are an enterprise-wide opportunity for improvement, though, if not managed correctly, can carry heavy risks. The entire organization, including providers, nurses, billers, IT staff, and leadership, will be impacted and needs to be on board. We guide you through the process with deliberate intention, focused execution, and a system for managing risk and change organization-wide. 

Revenue cycle consulting

Our revenue cycle experts take a holistic view of your revenue cycle management operations, helping you optimize your reimbursement rates and get the most profitable fee schedules. 

Payer analysis
Our payer analysis experts can help you understand if payers are fulfilling their contracts, and help you negotiate optimal contracts.
Chargemaster and pricing support
We conduct comprehensive chargemaster (CDM) and pricing reviews of CDM, fee-schedules, pharmacy, and supplies using proprietary modeling to create sustainable pricing.
Accounts receivable evaluation
Our AR analytical team will review your AR and its performance to quantify opportunities and help establish plans to accurate and increase cash yield.
Patient access transformation
Our patient access leaders support patient access optimization, centralization, and transformation to improve the patient experience and revenue cycle performance.
Revenue cycle interim leadership
Our seasoned industry experts support all revenue cycle functions and positions, partnering with your leadership and staff to transform and improve your revenue cycle.

Healthcare digital transformation

Organizations are looking to technology to transform their systems to improve efficiencies and the patient experience. These enterprise-wide digital transformation initiatives require a thoughtful strategy, the discipline to execute it, and the embracement of change from the entire organization. We can help you get there.

Healthcare risk management

Managing risk is more than meeting compliance needs; it is a critical part of an organization’s strategic planning and growth. We can help you develop and operationalize a comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy that provides organizational leadership with a holistic and proactive approach to identify, assess, prioritize, and manage your biggest threats and risks.

HIE services

Our team works with behavioral health, human services, public health, and Medicaid agencies and their partners to enhance population health outcomes through health information technology. With a deep understanding of the complexities involved in data exchange between various entities, we partner with you to implement the best practices that will help you achieve your government agency’s goals.

Integrated data system planning
We assess the purpose, uses, standards, interoperability capacity, and options to facilitate a Health Data Utility (HDU) model.
Data governance planning
We work collaboratively with clients to establish data governance programs, support implementation, and develop policies.
Social and health program integration
We evaluate opportunities to exchange data between clinical and social entities in an efficient and interoperable manner.
Financial sustainability
We help government agencies develop investment strategies that maximize federal funding and anticipate necessary costs to sustain HIE services.

Healthcare Technology Insights

The Healthcare Technology Insights podcast features healthcare leaders on key topics that have a real impact on the healthcare industry, with the aim of informing, instructing, and energizing healthcare professionals.

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"I couldn't be happier with BerryDunn's performance and advocacy on our behalf during our EHR project. I'm grateful we have partnered with BerryDunn. This effort wouldn't be nearly as successful if we were trying to shoulder it ourselves."
Kent LaCriox
Chief Information and Ancillary Officer
Schoolcraft Memorial Hospital

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