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Operational excellence for law enforcement

There is significant demand from the public for law enforcement agencies to carry out their public safety mission in an efficient and effective manner. This requires appropriate staffing to meet community needs, while ensuring agency procedures are in line with contemporary policing standards and industry best practices. 

One of the most effective ways for agencies to examine their operations and gauge their policing approach is through an external organizational study. Our team of experts can help your organization through this process. The results from the study can result in numerous positive outcomes, including:

  • Greater fiscal responsibility
  • Improved operational efficiency 
  • Reduced liability
  • Determination of appropriate sworn staffing levels
  • Improved officer safety
  • Increased community trust and confidence

We have extensive operational and executive experience in every facet of policing, and also have experience in studying each aspect of police operations. Our justice and public safety team offers assessments within the following categories:

  1. Full operations and management studies examine all facets of agency operations, including administration, patrol, investigations, specialty assignments, communications, leadership, policy, community policing, training, hiring and promotion, and an analysis of all staff positions, sworn and non-sworn.
  2. Key staffing and operations reviews are specifically designed for agencies with under 50 officers, and include workload-based analyses for patrol and investigations, examination of the patrol work schedule in relation to service needs and demands, and a review of targeted operational aspects of the agency.   
  3. Targeted operations and management studies examine multiple yet specific factors of the agency, including staffing and other operational categories. 
  4. Targeted staffing studies examine staffing levels and elements directly associated with staffing (e.g., spans of control, personnel deployments, and work schedules). They can range from examining single sections of the agency (e.g., patrol), to multiple staffing areas, including or excluding sworn and/or non-sworn personnel. 
  5. Technical assistance projects may involve a targeted study, such as an examination of the use of technology within the organization, or the feasibility of moving from contracted police services to a municipal agency. They can also involve revisions to the patrol work schedule, or beat/zone boundaries, among other topics.  

Our assessments focus on:

  • Policing environment
  • Organizational culture and leadership
  • Operations and staffing
  • Patrol services
  • Community engagement
  • Juveniles and youth engagement
  • Dispatch and communications
  • Investigations services
  • Operational policies
  • Data, technology, and equipment
  • Training and education
  • Recruitment, retention, and promotion
  • Internal affairs

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Despite the clear value in conducting external studies, their cost can be a barrier for many smaller police agencies. To address this, BerryDunn has created an affordable Key Staffing and Operations Review as an offering that is exclusive to small agencies with under 50 officers. This review process will produce data-driven results that will inform and guide critical decision-making by organizational leaders and government officials.

To learn more about these services, contact the justice and public safety team.

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Key staffing and operations review