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BerryDunn understands the value of combining business and technical expertise to generate solutions to modern public safety challenges. As consultants—and former fire, police, and public sector CIOs—our team understands your need for fast and effective system and operational improvement.

Our holistic, comprehensive approach to operational needs assessments, organizational development and strategic planning, and IT modernization includes participation from both your organization and community. Whether your needs are operational, technical, or both, our team provides best practice solutions customized to fit your public safety needs.

Seamless IT modernization transitions
We help organizations transition from legacy systems to best-in-class technologies, using our proven methodology which removes typical barriers. Our experienced team provides the support you need to advance:

Optimal public safety service delivery
Our experts combine decades of law enforcement and consulting experience to improve the delivery of critical public safety services for your community. Leveraging innovative ways to approach age-old problems, we provide:

BerryDunn does not sell or produce software, and maintains no industry alliances. Our independence ensures our recommendations are always in our clients’ best interests. We serve a variety of clients, including:

To learn more about how we can help, contact our public safety consultants.

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  • Doug Rowe
    Justice and Public Safety
    T 207.541.2330

BerryDunn experts and consultants

"Today, we are called as leaders to step forward and create racial equity and break down systems of oppression. This cannot be accomplished by repeating what solutions have been used in the past or the quick fix of defunding the police in communities. If we want true change and collaboration, it starts with empowering residents to get involved in shaping the vision for public safety services while also equipping those who police the community with the resources they need to effectively provide services.

In partnership with BerryDunn, we are advancing their recommendation to implement CCPP to help us take our community-oriented policing philosophy to the next level. We expect this process to provide sustained opportunities for members of the community to truly collaborate and positively influence the future of policing in Northglenn.”

- Heather Geyer, City Manager, Northglenn, Colorado

Community-oriented policing—positively influencing the future