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Managing the unique challenges of behavioral healthcare programs

BerryDunn’s cross-disciplinary behavioral health analytics team has a deep understanding of behavioral health-specific clinical and policy frameworks, finance, operations, and analytics. We help organizations responsible for managing behavioral healthcare to mitigate financial risk, improve operating efficiencies, and enhance clinical outcomes. We also provide guidance and assistance to government and other agencies in their efforts to analyze and address issues related to behavioral healthcare finance, quality, and insurance parity.

We understand that managing behavioral healthcare and substance use disorder treatment often involves:

  • Unique services, often tailored to specific conditions
  • Practitioners with unique specializations working within clinics and other entities often organized differently from most medical providers
  • Unique care management processes
  • Government programs as the source of payment for a disproportionate share of patients
  • A unique set of legal and regulatory requirements, including far-reaching regulations to ensure that behavioral healthcare is as accessible to consumers as medical care

We customize our service offerings to address the unique challenges clients—and their constituents—face. Those services can include:

  • Actuarial certification of behavioral health managed care organization liabilities based on claim liability assessments that account for authorization practices, utilization patterns, and provider billing systems specific to behavioral health
  • Capitated rate development and financial analysis for behavioral health-care organizations
  • Support for aggregating claim data to form episodes—longer-term views of patient health—that meet the unique challenges of incorporating data from facility- and community-based behavioral healthcare
  • Risk-adjustment methodologies for populations using behavioral health services
  • Behavioral healthcare outcomes measurement
  • Assistance with the unique requirements of authorization, claim adjudication, and other operational systems supporting behavioral health managed care

To learn more, please contact our behavioral health analytics services team.

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