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Success Stories

A CCRC aligns its vision and strategic technology goals

Anticipating shifting resident expectations and continued industry competition, this CCRC understood that technology would play a key role in their future success. BerryDunn helped the CCRC optimize and streamline their systems with a strategic technology plan.

A city gains insight into minority, women, and disadvantaged business program improvement opportunities

BerryDunn’s government assurance team identified areas of improvement for a city program and helped advance planning efforts, improve compliance, and increase efficiencies.

A commercial manufacturer improves financial performance with new pricing structure

BerryDunn helped a manufacturing company better understand their company divisional performance and the implications involved in changing their pricing structure.

A distributor and its capital partners gain confidence with accurate valuation of inventories

A commercial distributor was experiencing significant variances when reconciling perpetual inventory records in its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to observed cycle count quantities, which resulted in untimely inventory purchases.

A financial institution gets the upper hand on regulatory requirements and IT security

A bank was able to demonstrate its commitment to security and risk management to its board and regulators.

A fitness product manufacturer becomes GAAP-compliant before going to market

A fitness product manufacturer interested in going to market worked with BerryDunn to gain control over their financial reporting.

A healthcare client gains control of their ACA processes

An employer with many part-time and variable hour employees needed to determine who was considered full-time under Affordable Care Act (ACA) standards and its potential exposure to ACA penalties. BerryDunn helped the client set up ACA tracking and reporting software and avoid potential ACA penalties.

A healthcare system EHR selection process

A healthcare system asked us to meet with physicians, administrators, and staff to gain their perspectives on what was needed in new electronic health record (EHR) and practice management software, and to facilitate a start-to-finish process in selecting a vendor.

A large county sheriff's office improves internal controls and verifies compliance with laws and policies

BerryDunn’s government assurance team provided internal audit services to inform internal control improvements and verify compliance with federal and state laws and policies.

A manufacturer implements profit improvement strategies and reallocates capital resources

A commercial manufacturer with limited access to outside capital asked BerryDunn to evaluate the company’s performance and make recommendations to improve financial results.

A manufacturer implements revenue recognition policy to better understand profitability

A new owner gains confidence through GAAP compliance and improved accuracy of inventory valuations

An acquirer of a precision machining company was concerned with the competency of the company’s accounting department, the reliability of the company’s financial information, and other issues.

A retiring owner gained confidence he would have sufficient liquidity and a smooth succession

By developing a clear plan, a family business makes a smooth transfer of ownership to the next generation.

A risk assessment and systems replacement of a midwestern state's department of public safety

A modern data exchange solution for law enforcement and criminal justice agencies 

A rural state determines feasibility of CCWIS options

As a rural state agency facing high turnover, limited state-allocated resources, and a higher-than-
average workload, it was difficult to find the time and resources to accurately determine the needs for a CCWIS. The state contracted with BerryDunn to conduct a feasibility study to identify their needs and the best CCWIS options.

A skilled nursing and assisted living facility enhances new EHR capability for ongoing improvement

BerryDunn designed, created, and executed a process to enable cross-departmental adoption of EHR and integrated paper documentation processes. 

A state gains insight into IT funding request process improvement opportunities

The Wyoming State Legislature engaged BerryDunn to conduct a study of the State of Wyoming’s Information Technology (IT) funding request process.

A state implements data practices for improved reporting and outcomes

A state agency wanted to track and report data across multiple bureaus, including child welfare, behavioral health, and Medicaid in order to make better decisions for the agency and the people served.

A state medical services office improves its Promoting Interoperability (PI) program

BerryDunn’s government assurance team audited and assessed a PI program to verify that federal funds were distributed and used appropriately.

A state prepares for their CAFR audit with an IT controls review of their ERP system

BerryDunn’s government assurance team provided an IT controls review with the necessary information to effectively increase controls for the state’s ERP system.

A state seeks effective IT systems and financial strategic planning for future expenses

The Minnesota Department of Management and Budget and Minnesota IT Services partnered with BerryDunn to assess and evaluate current and future enterprise IT system needs.

A state seeks IT chargeback billing system modernization and process optimization

BerryDunn’s state government consulting team supported a state with selection and implementation of an ITSM system and a related billing system.

A strategic technology plan helps a Critical Access Hospital stay technologically viable

BerryDunn built a comprehensive plan to modernize and streamline technology so a Critical Access Hospital could meet its current needs and prepare for the future.

A strong business cased for an Integrated Tax System (ITS) replacement

BerryDunn engaged project stakeholders and streamlined the set of business and technical system requirements. With a strong business case in place, the Vermont Department of Taxes has been able to drive towards the replacement of their ITS.

A team approach to strategic planning

A technology company gains control of its financial reporting process

Our team of technology finance experts helped a technology company gain control of its financial reporting processes, increasing efficiencies and making year-end closing faster. 

Actuarial support for an association health benefit plan

An association providing health insurance for approximately 25 employers and 2,100 employees, needed help with its annual health insurer renewal process.

Agency seeks to modernize legacy systems through a successful procurement

BerryDunn’s government consulting team performed a feasibility study to determine the best approach to modernizing three legacy systems. 

Amidst COVID-19, a park district develops an equitable, modern organizational vision

An energy company addresses attrition through new employee benefit offerings

A fast-growing energy company worked with BerryDunn’s employee benefits specialists to design a benefit package that rewards and retains its best and brightest executives.

An operational assessment helps town become compliant and more efficient

BerryDunn helped a town with an operational assessment in the areas of accounts payable and receivable, procurement, payroll, and tax title and assessment, resulting in recommendations to help the town be more compliant and efficient. 

Analytic support for an Accountable Care Organization

An Accountable Care Organization (ACO) needed better access to, and analysis of, their data.

Balancing transparency and privacy

Improving transparency and analytical utility of publicly available healthcare data.

Benchmarking and development fee analysis for a city

A city wanted to assess the development fees of comparable municipalities in order to find appropriate and competitive fees.

Benchmarking and valuation analysis for a regional bank

A regional bank seeking to increase non-interest income had identified two service companies for potential purchase. We helped them see the bottom line more clearly.

Benchmarking study helps owners decide whether to sell or stay

A benchmarking study and valuation help a company’s owners decide whether to sell or grow.

BerryDunn helps a public health agency commit to continuous improvement

A Bureau of Public Health (BPH) sought assistance in implementing their strategic map and guidance on quality improvement and performance management initiatives.

Building buy-in during system replacement

City leadership delivers effective change management during complex system replacement.

Business process analysis at a large graduate school

A state graduate school with over 15,000 students was using multiple processes to submit, track, and approve student requests and submissions. The university wanted to improve business processes and establish system requirements to help determine next steps for finding a single system to meet their needs.

Business process improvement at a LTPAC health system

A multi-campus, long-term/post-acute care (LTPAC) health system had recently implemented new electronic health record, billing, and financial software, but was not yet making full use of system functionality. BerryDunn helps them improve business processes, reduce redundant/manual steps, and leverage full-system functionality. 

Business process improvement strengthens system functionality

A not-for-profit organization was in need of improved business office operations to perform work more efficiently, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and enhance the performance of the business office team. By facilitating change while directly involving the staff, BerryDunn helped to eliminate redundant and manual steps, and increased the use of system functionality.

Business process mapping for a community services board looking for a better approach to helping those in need

A disciplined approach to increase efficiencies and meet rapid growth in a highly regulated arena.

California Western School of Law process mapping for successful ERP planning

California Western School of Law needed to better understand and optimize their current processes and operations in preparation of a critical Enterprise Resource Planning systems replacement.

CCRC streamlines technology use with a sustainable IT environment

A plan was developed that matched the vision of the community and was built for future project success.

Choosing a user-friendly CAD/RMS system

Providing a multi-agency, multi-jurisdictional public safety client with independent system selection assistance and implementation oversight.  

Community development system upgrade helps a city streamline processes

A city wanted to upgrade its legacy community development system to support their planning, permitting, inspection, and code enforcement processes.

Community development system upgrade meets a municipality's wide-ranging needs

A small town wanted to find a robust replacement for its outdated community development system.

Consistency, quality, and responsiveness

Construction company defers tax burden, invests for the future

An S Corporation construction company with a revenue of approximately $15 million sought assistance from the BerryDunn construction team. The client was looking for ways to defer their tax burden in order to keep money in the company and invest in their future growth.

Cost report modeling for a large healthcare provider organization

A healthcare provider neglected to monitor its annual operations related to their reimbursement rates, which resulted in a substantial payback at year-end. BerryDunn helped them adjust operations to maximize reimbursement and revise compensation policies to optimize reimbursements and avoid year-end surprises.

Cost segregation study to support a new construction project

A New England assisted living and memory care facility owner wanted to offset increased construction costs. BerryDunn helped the client maximize tax savings by identifying assets with shorter lives and depreciating them over shorter time periods.

Creating a continuum of care for substance use disorders

BerryDunn’s Medicaid consulting team worked with BMS and the state to develop a 1115 waiver to allow the state to gain increased federal funding as they develop streamlined treatment and coordinated care strategies targeting substance use disorders (SUD). 

Creating efficient and effective processes: A state agency's business process evolution

Mapping complex business processes to chart a path toward an optimal future environment

Data management and governance for a state health and human service agency

We help a state Health and Human Services (HHS) agency to identify, document, and standardize information from over 160 databases.

Data management supports medicaid services and operations

Developing a solid data foundation to support decisions and organizational operations of Medicaid agencies

Distributor expands to US, setting up successful sale

The owners of a Canadian-based distributor wanted to expand operations. They were considering buying a US-based company with the goal of selling the entire entity in the near future, and they needed guidance on the available options.

DWD Finance Department seeks to optimize operations to meet surge in grants

EMS procurement helps state manage its emergency care system

Public health agency gains procurement support to achieve mission-critical work.

Enhanced internal control helps growing bank comply with regulatory requirements

A growing bank approaching the threshold for a FDICIA ICFR audit gained confidence that its documentation of internal control would withstand the rigors of regulatory scrutiny.

ERP assessment for a public research university

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team provided actionable steps to prepare a university's IT environment, business areas, and leadership with efforts to transform their ERP environment.

ERP change readiness for a community college

ERP implementation helps city consolidate and modernize

Comprehensive project management through system implementation for successful outcomes.

ESOP minimizes goodwill by applying valuation technique

The construction company acquired a large specialty contractor, which presented the challenge of understanding the valuation and accounting for differences in value affected by the ESOP’s non-taxed status.

Executive recruiting for a healthcare organization

A healthcare organization needed to restructure their finance department and prepare for the retirement of their CFO. BerryDunn helped them assess their needs, implement a departmental restructure, and secure a highly-qualified replacement for the outgoing CFO.

Feasibility studies to help an assisted living facility plan for the future

An assisted living provider was facing declining census due to aging facilities. They needed to build a new facility or cease operations. 

Financial institutions gain control of accounting for troubled loans

Two New England financial institutions benefited from working with BerryDunn bank specialists to gain the knowledge they needed to account for their troubled loans correctly, thereby saving the bank the costs of having an outside firm conduct the review and gaining control over their own methodology.

Financial modeling for an accountable care organization

A pilot accountable care organization (ACO) comprised of five health care delivery systems and four commercial health insurance carriers needed to develop a common ACO financial framework. 

Finding the optimal plan design for a law firm

The fiduciary of a Portland law firm’s 401(k) profit sharing plan was concerned that the plan was no longer up to date and might not be providing the best savings opportunities for the firm’s partners. BerryDunn’s Retirement Plan experts helped him determine the best course of action.

Flexible outsourced accounting solutions enable company to optimize their back office operations

A real estate developer gets the outsourced accounting and back office support they need to thrive.

GLBA assessment for Ohio University

BerryDunn’s higher education consulting team conducted security risk assessments for three departments that needed to achieve GLBA and NIST compliance. Our team helped the university prioritize remediation plans.

Government technology improvements for a city

A growing city wanted to optimize its technology investment over the long-term. BerryDunn helped the city understand the current state and built a strategic plan that would ensure efficient and effective use of technology to better serve the city’s citizens.

Health insurance marketplace: West Virginia's path to becoming a partner in the federally-facilitated marketplace

Expert guidance in selecting a best fit health insurance Marketplace model 

Health system improves technology use

MaineGeneral Health, a large integrated healthcare system in Maine, called on BerryDunn's IT consultants to to stabilize its information systems and services and optimize the use of its current technology.

HIPAA compliance assessment at a senior living health system

A senior living health system needed to assess their policies and procedures for compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule. BerryDunn helped them gain insights into their IT security and compliance gaps and implemented controls to mitigate their risk of HIPAA violations.

HIPAA compliance consulting for a university

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team worked with the University of Minnesota to assess and improve their compliance with HIPAA security standards.

HIPAA risk assessment helps a CCRC strengthen its compliance

A Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) wanted to gain a better understanding of HIPAA in healthcare operations. BerryDunn helped the CCRC prioritize short- and long-term efforts to strengthen compliance based on risk level and cultivate a culture of continued training and awareness to improve compliance among the workforce.

Hospital eliminates unneeded filing

BerryDunn's knowledge of the hospital regulatory environment helped a Maine hospital eliminate an unneccessary filing, helping the hospital finance staff gain time and efficiency. The hospital had been preparing the filing for over 20 years.

Hospital seeks to integrate EHR across multiple locations

A comprehensive approach to successful EHR implementation.

Hospital successfully implements a system reorganization

BerryDunn guided management through the first audit under federal grant requirements and provided tools to assist management in developing its system third-party payor estimates on a regular basis.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) business process redesign

A state Bureau for Public Health (BPH) seeks redesign of HIV process.

Human resources management system project helps state of Maine better serve agencies and departments

A state human resources bureau procures an HRMS that upgrades and consolidates its human resources applications while meeting the needs of customers and improving internal processes.

IC-DISC offers an overall reduction of tax

An IC-DISC offered an overall reduction of tax without placing undue burdens upon the company’s internal finance staff.

Identifying and facilitating process improvements in large IT system implementations

Rewriting the playbook for planning, governing, and managing IT system implementations

Identifying the good, the bad, and the ugly: Improving overall corporate performance

The CEO of a commercial enterprise needed help improving the overall performance of her firm which had a number of different facilities and locations. Her management reports were unable to tell her which facilities were performing well or poorly, making it difficult to know where to take specific action.

Improving access to justice through system modernization

Helping a justice department strengthen communication, improve operations, and automate processes through a modern case management system. 

Improving children's lives through data governance

Leveraging data to guide public policy, measure agency performance, and enhance social services program investments.

Independent reviews for the state of Vermont office of the CIO fulfill legal mandate for IT reviews

BerryDunn helps a state identify potential risks, evaluate their readiness to proceed with a new system, and determine and confirm the previously established cost justification for the project, giving them confidence that their approach is sound and appropriate.

IT assessment and master planning for a college

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team provided a roadmap of sequenced recommendations to assist the new CIO with bringing changes to both the organizational structure, and how IT services are delivered.

IT assessment and strategic plan for a community college

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team provided actionable steps to advance the IT environment, and inform the IT strategic plan efforts in addressing the needs of the institution for the next five years.

Keeping a line of business separate from ESOP after an acquisition

With the help of our employee benefits consultants, management was able to establish the new subsidiary as a QSLOB so that the new employees did not enter the ESOP and dilute existing participants' ownership shares.

Large school district finds system and operational efficiencies

Developing a technology roadmaps helps large school district prioritize and streamline business processes.

Limiting the damages of ACH wire fraud

A company discovered it had been a victim of wire transfer fraud. BerryDunn’s data forensics team helped limit damages and figure out what went wrong.

Maine Veterans' Homes system selection and implementation

MVH was frustrated with its clinical and billing system, as well as the software vendor’s inability to address MVH’s needs. MVH engaged BerryDunn to assess the current situation; evaluate and select a new EHR, billing, and financial software system; design infrastructure changes; and plan and oversee the implementation of changes.

Manufacturing company gains compliance with ERISA requirements

A company made some incorrect 401(k) employee contributions, resulting in
noncompliance with ERISA. BerryDunn helped the company reduce potential penalties.

MassDOT enterprise time and attendance solution planning project

An objective assessment supporting the implementation of an efficient post-merger technology solution. 

Medicaid waiver expands addiction treatment options

A state agency wanted to take advantage of an opportunity put forward by CMS to utilize 1115 waivers to help coordinate care for those in treatment for substance abuse disorders (SUD).

Meeting the challenge of ACA reporting requirements

A fast-growing, multi-location food service company was challenged with meeting ACA reporting requirements.

Modernizing a disease surveillance system

A state’s public health department identified a need to expand the capacity of its disease surveillance system to accommodate future use-case scenarios and improve interoperability with core public health information systems. BerryDunn was engaged to conduct a gap analysis to inform a solution roadmap designed to improve systems and processes and better meet programmatic goals.

Modernizing medicaid in Middle America

BerryDunn IV&V works with Ohio’s modular Medicaid Enterprise System to help ensure project success.

Modernizing systems while adhering to evolving regulations: An efficient approach

Recommendations for efficiency and compliance to align old systems with new state and federal childcare regulations.

Multi-location skilled nursing and assisted living facility builds an EHR system to meet HIPAA compliance

BerryDunn redesigned and deployed a HIPAA-compliant EHR system that satisfied all stakeholders.

Nebraska department of motor vehicles vehicle title registration replacement

A system modernization initiative that goes beyond technology to transition business operations.

New deferred compensation agreement creates tax penalty risk

Backed by BerryDunn's expertise, the bank amended their plan and avoided a 20% penalty tax for violating Code Section 409A.

New system optimization delivers increased efficiency and full-system functionality

BerryDunn built a framework that led to improved business processes, fewer redundant and manual steps, and full-system functionality.

NH CAH gains additional reimbursement and new methodology for future use

A NH Critical Access Hospital needed help figuring out how to correct earlier errors in cost reports that had disadvantaged the hospital’s reimbursement.

Northwest Florida state college strategic plan

Not-for-profit agency establishes an ERM program to prioritize risk management

Looking to advance its risk management practices, a not-for-profit agency identified and analyzed enterprise risks, developed a draft ERM charter, and purchased a tool for integrating risk management into the day-to-day practices of the organization.

Nursing home resolves revenue cycle issues

A hospital-based nursing home facility was facing a significant increase in their accounts receivable balance while transitioning to new accounting software and Revenue Cycle Department staff. 

Offsetting costs and maximizing tax savings with cost segregation techniques

Assisted living facility complies with IRS and increases tax savings.

Operational benchmarking for a nursing and assisted living facility

A new owner/operator of multiple nursing and assisted living facilities was unfamiliar with the state’s reimbursement environment and how operational changes could impact reimbursement and profitability. BerryDunn helps them better understand reimbursement drivers and how their multiple facilities compare with their peers in the region and state.

Optimize. Integrate. Modernize: Achieving quick results for Georgia's department of driver services

Consultants from BerryDunn’s State Government Consulting team aid a DDS in gaining eRFP acceptance to implement a new driver license and identification card system.

Optimizing processes with a new licensing system

BerryDunn’s government consulting team worked with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection to procure and plan for implementation of a new licensing system.

Organizational assessment and redesign for a university

BerryDunn’s higher education consulting team worked with the University of North Carolina at Charlotte to implement a new IT organizational structure.

Outsourced accounting services delivered for international software company

A foreign-owned software company finds success with their US-based accounting team, avoiding the need for a costly expansion.

Preparing a firm for a SOC 2 audit and helping to grow its customer base

BerryDunn's risk-ranked findings and recommendations provided the client with a clear approach to develop, refine, and document controls to meet the criteria of the SOC 2 Security and Availability Trust Service Principles (TSP).

Public research university resets its data governance vision

Public university IT security risk assessment

BerryDunn experts guided a large, public, R1 university through the process of strengthening IT security measures across multiple departments, colleges, and campuses by identifying and closing existing security gaps. 

R&D credit reduces one company's effective federal tax rate

The company was able claim over $500,000 of tax credits as a result of the study, reducing the company’s effective federal tax rate from 35% to 20% for the years of the study. 

Recruiting support for a long-term care organization

A long-term care organization was faced with substantial turnover in its accounting department in the midst of complex new lease accounting changes and mounting regulatory and operational pressures. BerryDunn helped them find a new CFO and accounting support staff and also developed a comprehensive transition plan.

Renewable energy firm recharges with outsourced accounting services

BerryDunn’s outsourced accounting team delivers comprehensive services for a growing company in the renewable energy sector.

Responsive, collaborative, and transparent

Retirement plan consultants help avoid 401(k) compliance issues

A 401(k) sponsor needed to know—without taking on an expensive review-- if one of their two plans was being tested and operated correctly. BerryDunn’s Retirement Plan consultants reviewed a number of areas and made recommendations to get them back to firm footing.

Rural health system begins transition to a single EHR solution

A rural health system sought a single EHR across all of its care settings to enhance transparency, provide a single source of truth for all patient information, and gain better access to patient records. 

Savvy tax strategies neutralize potential nexus issues

A company with employees traveling outside of its home state gained a managed approach to tax compliance, which minimized nexus issues and maximized opportunities for growth.

S-Corp gains control over a liquidity problem through accounting method changes

During the year of the change, the client’s owners received >$200,000 of previously remitted taxes. The client continues to defer tax under the cash method, which lowers annual taxes significantly from what they would have been without the method change.

Small business leverages interim controller services to move their business forward

A Massachusetts-based professional service firm establishes a financial strategy and drives profits and efficiency with BerryDunn’s interim CFO and controller services.

St. Joseph's College strategic technology plan

St. Joseph’s College determined that it needed an independent review of its IT systems to evaluate the school’s current IT organization and to plan for adapting emerging technologies, creating technology-equipped classrooms, supporting faculty technology usage, and integrating databases and services with a legacy system.

State agency facing staff turnover prepares for the future

BerryDunn’s public health consulting team worked with the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health's Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) to help them document work processes and prepare for future staff turnover. 

State agency optimizes Workers' Compensation Modernization Program (WCMP)

BerryDunn’s government consulting team conducted an independent risk assessment and audit of the state’s Workers’ Compensation Modernization Program (WCMP).

State agency upgrades Oracle ERP system and Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Module

BerryDunn conducted an independent audit of the states Oracle upgrade project and provided MMB with actionable recommendations to avoid risks and improve project processes.

State alcoholic beverage control board gains a better understanding of modern multi-tiered control

A systematic approach for creating a successful implementation of a modernized solution.

State bureau of medicaid services streamlines certification while mitigating risk

West Virginia BMS is on track to receive federal certification and reimbursement in half the time of previous certifications—with less risk.

State department of liquor control upgrades retail software system for adaptable functionality

Documenting and studying processes to determine best solution for financial ERP and point of sale systems.

State EOE launches shared cybersecurity services

Due to increased cybersecurity risks in higher education, and foundational gaps in institutions’ cybersecurity programs, EOE engaged BerryDunn to develop a coordinated approach to maintain and support effective cybersecurity technologies and practices across 15 community colleges and nine state universities. 

State income maintenance manual update

An updated and modernized handbook for determining eligibility and benefits.

State liquor commission improves efficiency and flexibility with a strategic plan for system selection

Driving strategy for finding the right fit for updating and optimizing legacy systems for changing needs.

State medicaid agency strengthens application development technology for MMIS

Agency receives recommendations for conducting routine security risk assessments that can be executed by state personnel to maintain and continuously improve security policies and practices.

State medicaid bureau successfully implements federally mandated standards for healthcare coding and billing

With risk planning and management, contingency planning, and personnel training programs, West Virginia’s Medicaid agency adopts the new healthcare coding and billing standard, ICD-10 within the deadline.

State plans to modernize clinics & improve quality of care with an EHR

Creating a clear vision for improving statewide clinical operations while maintaining federal compliance and funding eligibility. 

State prepares for PHAB accreditation

A Bureau of Public Health (BPH) sought help with an Accreditation Readiness Assessment.

State prevents project impacts

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts receives early warning of risks and practical recommendations to help prevent impacts to their Health Insurance Exchange and Integrated Eligibility System project.

State redesigns children's behavioral health program

Our experts helped a state redesign its pathway to screen and assess children with mental health needs and help ensure children receive appropriate home and community-based mental health services.

State revenue agency modernizes tax processing system

BerryDunn’s state government consulting team helped the New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration effectively plan for, procure, and implement a functional and efficient tax processing system.

States find the support they need for WIC MIS modernization

Statewide justice and public safety agencies procure new technology to support business transformation

Modern technology to support efficiency and compliance in the public safety arena

Subsidiary meets tight audit deadlines from international parent company

Taking a 360° lifecycle approach to MITA

West Virginia has been able to track progress against the state’s MITA 3.0 roadmap, maintain a real-time view of MITA maturity levels, and appropriately utilize all available federal funding.

Telecom company gains traction with customized tax solutions

The company saved in excess of $1 Million through BerryDunn's recognition of special rules that would allow a significant gain to be sourced differently than other income.

Upgrading a complex eligibility and enrollment environment

Supporting and facilitating a seamless transition to new eligibility systems.

Using technology to share data and streamline processes for improved service quality

Streamlining the legacy electronic health record/healthcare information systems (EHR/HIS) of three state health and human services agency departments.

Valuation and transition planning for a family-owned senior living provider

A Senior Living business owner wanted to transfer operational control to his son. BerryDunn helped the owner exit the business through strategic gifts and an ownership percentage sale that allowed for the continued success of the business while providing sufficient liquidity to support the owner’s retirement.