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A rural state determines feasibility of CCWIS options

BerryDunn’s Child Welfare Practice helps agencies build sustainable programs to create better outcomes. Our experts helped a rural state understand their Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System requirements and what options would be best for their specific needs.


As a rural state agency facing high turnover, limited state-allocated resources, and a higher-than-
average workload, it was difficult to find the time and resources to accurately determine the needs for a CCWIS. The state contracted with BerryDunn to conduct a feasibility study to identify their needs and the best CCWIS options.


BerryDunn helped the state determine CCWIS options that work in a rural environment and
accommodate mobility, efficiencies, and specific state needs. The team included caseworkers,
supervisors, and leadership, in addition to other interested parties.

The BerryDunn team:

  • Facilitated discovery sessions and business process mapping to determine gaps and strengths with the current system, as well as desires for the future system
  • Led analysis to assess gaps and strengths of the six prominent technology options, informing the cost benefit analysis
  • Developed an Implementation Advance Planning Document (IAPD) and Request for Proposals (RFP) that outlined the exact needs for the CCWIS


After completing the feasibility process, the state now has:

  • Three effective options to address their practice needs and meet the federal technology standards
  • Knowledge from other states to help them avoid costly development mistakes that will impact their system development and implementation
  • Cost analysis to inform discussions with legislators and other interested parties
  • Clear requirements to inform the system development
  • Reassurance that the system will support their practitioners as the process was driven by practitioners within the organization and on the BerryDunn team

Our team helps child welfare agencies and cross-collaborative departments strategically enhance their internal process to deliver quality programs that will improve children, youth, and family outcomes. We'd be happy to speak with you about your unique challenges. Contact our child welfare consultants. 

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