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A state seeks IT chargeback billing system modernization and process optimization

Client description

The Oregon Data Center Services (DCS) was looking to simplify and update systems for managing service requests and billing internal state agencies for DCS services. DCS partnered with BerryDunn to better understand the state’s business needs, determine what products were available to fulfill those needs, and develop requirements for a Request for Proposals (RFP) for selecting an Information Technology Service Management (ITSM) system and an RFP for an ITSM billing system.


BerryDunn worked with DCS staff to map current business processes and outline desired future-state processes (designed to overcome process challenges and pain points). BerryDunn conducted an analysis of relevant and applicable solutions on the market and worked with DCS to formalize a set of functional and technical solution requirements. Finally, BerryDunn created requirements for an ITSM system, and requirements and an RFP for a related ITSM billing system—including criteria DCS would use to evaluate the vendor ITSM billing system proposals. 


The services BerryDunn provided to DCS helped them take informed next steps to select and implement both the ITSM system and related billing system. The new systems supported the optimization of their enterprise IT service business processes and improvement of customer service provided to state agencies.

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