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IT assessment and master planning for a college


Santa Monica College (SMC) engaged BerryDunn to lead a campus-wide process to conduct an in-depth assessment of SMC’s IT environment and develop a five-year IT master plan. The purpose of the assessment was to create a roadmap for technology usage, decision-making, and purchasing that supports the college’s institutional goals.

The overall objective of the IT assessment was to understand how the IT department should operate now and into the future.


The IT assessment was the first of two deliverables in the overall technology planning engagement. Its recommendations were designed to inform the development of the IT master plan.

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team issued surveys and conducted independent interviews with all members of the IT department and campus-wide stakeholders, analyzed findings, and developed objective recommendations.


The final report identified opportunities to:

  • Address the challenges facing the IT department
  • Align IT resources with SMC’s mission, goals, and objectives
  • Mitigate information security risk
  • Outline areas to consider as part of the IT master plan

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team provided a roadmap of sequenced recommendations to assist the new CIO with bringing changes to both the organizational structure, and how IT services are delivered.

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Benefits gained

  • Independent, objective assessment with actionable outcomes
  • Holistic view and understanding of long-term objectives
  • Roadmap to provide CIO steps to help transform IT services
Benefits gained
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“The time spent developing a strategic plan with the guidance of BerryDunn has proven to be invaluable to our organization and has provided us with a clear roadmap moving forward for the next several years. The additional work on an IT Assessment and coaching made this a very worthwhile engagement. Working with Joe and his team was a great experience and I hope we have an opportunity to work with them on future initiatives."

- Marc Drescher, CIO, Santa Monica College

A clear roadmap—strategic technology planning for a college