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Bringing mission-critical organizational intelligence to higher education

The BerryDunn team brings deep experience to both independent and public colleges and universities, with a keen ability to analyze complex organizations and develop actionable strategies to optimize business, operations, and development functions, allowing greater focus on mission fulfillment. 

Our education advisory team is comprised of a diverse group of CPAs and IT management consultants, all with extensive experience in the realm of higher education. We bring insight and perspective from our work with higher education institutions throughout the United States. We have a deep understanding of industry trends, a thorough awareness of best practices, and an independent perspective that informs clear, objective recommendations tailored to each client’s circumstances. Higher education clients benefit from: 

Accounting and tax planning services

  • Control growing infrastructure, operations, recruiting, staff, and faculty costs
  • Mitigate the impact of endowment accounting issues 
  • Address new accounting and auditing pronouncements on the organization’s financial statements and related systems
  • Manage NCAA Agreed-Upon Procedures
  • Satisfy Department of Education composite scoring requirements

Management and IT consulting services

  • Match resources to institutional needs with organizational redesign 
  • Reduce administrative costs by improving operational efficiency
  • Improve business processes and manage change
  • Align IT strategy with institutional strategy
  • Identify, prioritize, and tackle IT security risks

BerryDunn is also an active participant in NACUBO, EDUCAUSE, and other industry associations. We continually strive to keep clients informed of key industry developments, and we work collaboratively with client stakeholders to develop, revise, and implement organizational strategies, and encourage broad adoption of key initiatives.

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Press Releases

“We have engaged BerryDunn for the performance of two NIST/GLBA risk assessments over the last two years. Each time the consultants were professional, knowledgeable, and provided great insight with specific knowledge to the higher education industry.”  

- Alicia Porter, Ohio University

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