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IT assessment and strategic plan for a community college


Western Nebraska Community College (WNCC) needed an objective assessment of the college’s IT environment, including the IT department’s current capability, capacity, redundancy, and resources for serving all college departments. BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team performed an IT assessment that identified technology priorities to strengthen enterprise systems and data; risk, disaster recovery, and business continuity; IT service management, and teaching and learning.

The IT assessment helped WNCC understand the current state of IT, uncover challenges, identify opportunities, and served as the foundation for the IT strategic plan.


BerryDunn conducted on-site focus groups, interviews, issued surveys, and provided objective analysis of the information collected using best practices and experiences from similar past projects. The team:

  • Distributed surveys to faculty, staff, and students to gather input and perspective on the current IT resources and services
  • Conducted on-site interviews and focus groups
  • Developed peer-benchmarking analysis including research and telephone interviews with each institution’s designated IT leader
  • Compared the college and peer-benchmarking data to EDUCAUSE averages


The final report identified opportunities to:

  • Address IT leadership changes and staff development
  • Mitigate information security with proactive risk management
  • Increase effectiveness of IT services
  • Improve IT communication and responsiveness

BerryDunn’s higher ed consulting team provided actionable steps to advance the IT environment, and inform the IT strategic plan efforts in addressing the needs of the institution for the next five years.

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Benefits gained

  • Independent, objective assessment with actionable outcomes
  • Holistic view and collaborative approach to planning IT strategies
  • Concise steps to advance the IT environment and gain efficiencies
Benefits gained
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