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An energy company addresses attrition through new employee benefit offerings


The CEO of a young, fast-growing energy company was afraid of losing key executives and wanted a way to incentivize and retain top performers. The CEO sought guidance from BerryDunn on strategies beyond the existing salary and annual bonus structure that would not add financial risk if the employees decided to leave.


First, BerryDunn’s employee benefits specialists worked with the company to interview key executives and understand their compensation needs and wants. Then, we evaluated various deferred compensation solutions, including synthetic equity options and discretionary annual cash grant programs. Upon consultation with the client, we designed a customized benefits package to leverage special bonuses and payment triggers upon sale of the company or an affiliate, including the use of a vesting schedule and non-compete release language.


On adopting the new benefit structure, the company’s CEO gained peace of mind knowing that their program would encourage top performers to stay. Key executives felt heard and valued, and gained confidence that they were being rewarded for their contributions to the company’s growth.

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