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Business process improvement strengthens system functionality

Client Description

A not-for-profit organization was in need of improved business office operations to perform work more efficiently, eliminate time-consuming tasks, and enhance the performance of the business office team.


The organization’s business processes were manual and paper-intensive, and the organization was not making full use of its system functionality. A turnover in senior positions had left business office staff without proper leadership.

BerryDunn's Solution/Approach

BerryDunn consultants:

  • Worked directly with business office staff to understand the organization’s processes and to gain consensus and buy-in on improvements needed
  • Created task-oriented action plans to hold staff accountable and document progress on process improvement
  • Provided a methodology that would provide structure for continuing process improvement and collaboration within the business office.


By facilitating change while directly involving the staff, we helped to eliminate redundant and manual steps, and increased the use of system functionality. The staff learned behaviors required for carrying the improvement efforts forward. The organization gained a specific process with action plans, which allows people to work more efficiently, saving time and resources. The improved process also became a mechanism for the team to gain ownership of its work, increase communication and collaboration, and help all the team members feel good about their work.

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