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A state gains insight into IT funding request process improvement opportunities

Client description

The Joint Appropriations Committee (JAC) is the permanent standing committee of the Wyoming Legislature that focuses on the state’s biennial budget and other budget and fiscal matters for the Wyoming House of Representatives and Wyoming Senate. This committee’s central purpose is to meet between each legislative session to review state executive and judicial branch budget requests and fiscal issues, including holding hearings and taking agency and public testimony, which results in the JAC writing the state budget bill introduced each session. 


The Wyoming State Legislature engaged BerryDunn to conduct a study of the State of Wyoming’s (Wyoming’s) Information Technology (IT) funding request process, whereby Wyoming executive branch agencies develop and submit funding requests for IT needs to the Wyoming Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) and JAC for review and approval. 


BerryDunn’s government consultants analyzed the IT funding request process by reviewing process and funding request documents for 19 IT funding requests and interviewing the JAC, ETS, and several Wyoming executive branch agencies. Our team documented and mapped the current state of the IT funding request process, and identified challenges, barriers, and gaps in the current process. 

After documenting the current process, BerryDunn proposed a newly designed IT funding request process and developed several supporting tools.


BerryDunn delivered a “State Information Technology (IT) Funding Request Study Report” with robust recommendations for improving the IT funding request process. 

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