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Nebraska department of motor vehicles vehicle title registration replacement


The Nebraska DMV planned to modernize their 20-year-old Vehicle Title Registration (VTR) system to better meet their high standards for customer service and to reduce reliance on increasingly obsolete technology. The VTR processes more than three million transactions annually and is used daily by multiple stakeholders, including the Department of Revenue, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, Department of Roads, and 93 county treasurers.


In 2013, the DMV commissioned a VTR business case for modernization, and in 2014, the State of Nebraska established a VTR system replacement and maintenance cash fund. In 2015, the DMV contracted with BerryDunn to assist with conducting a needs analysis, developing a procurement document, and implementing a plan for the VTR replacement. In order to provide the DMV with VTR modernization guidance, BerryDunn’s independent consulting team:

  • Helped define the DMV’s current environment process model and identify process challenges
  • Conducted interviews with peer states to understand lessons learned during modernization
  • Facilitated stakeholder sessions to capture the DMV’s needs and requirements
  • Conducted market research, issuing a Request for Information (RFI) and tabulating responses and presentations
  • Presented recommendations and legislative changes associated with systems modernization
  • Developed a comprehensive functional and technical requirements list
  • Assisted with the creation of a Request for Proposals (RFP) to procure a modernized VTR solution and integration services


The Nebraska DMV VTR modernization project will transform the way the State’s DMV and its customers conduct business. BerryDunn and the DMV applied a structured, transparent, and thorough approach to document stakeholder needs and increase the likelihood of project success. The future VTR system will provide a customer-centric experience, reflect the needs and desires of the DMVs diverse stakeholders, include best practices adopted by other states, and capitalize on modern technology.

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