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State agency facing staff turnover prepares for the future

BerryDunn’s public health consulting team partners with public health agency directors and commissioners across the country to strategically enhance internal operations and improve population health.  We worked with the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health's Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) to help them document work processes and prepare for future staff turnover. 

The client 

The West Virginia Bureau for Public Health's OEMS is responsible for overseeing the state’s Emergency Medical Services (EMS) data system, which, among other major functions, provides critical public health surveillance information for flu outbreaks, opioid overdoses, and other issues. OEMS also helps to ensure EMS agencies and personnel are licensed and certified, investigates code and/or policy violations, and provides support for State emergency communications.

The challenge 

During the implementation of a new statewide EMS data system, OEMS experienced 100% turnover in leadership and staff in less than a year. When new staff were hired, there were no resources in place to guide new staff on their job functions. Procedures, policies, and job descriptions were missing, unclear, and/or outdated, which necessitated work with the software vendor to reconfigure parts of the new data system.  

BerryDunn’s solution 

BerryDunn provided vendor and organizational support to help OEMS re-group and reorganize after the staff turnover. Specifically, BerryDunn mapped all key processes in the OEMS, drafted revised job descriptions, pulled together all relevant guidance documents into a single, organized location on a shared drive, and created or updated all relevant internal policies and procedures.  

BerryDunn’s public health consultants:  

  • Conducted fact-finding meetings with OEMS staff and stakeholders  
  • Created an OEMS document repository  
  • Reviewed current processes  
  • Documented and verified processes to create updated process maps  
  • Created, verified, and updated internal policies and procedures 
  • Assisted with vendor management through implementation and customization of the new data system 

The outcome 

With the process maps and procedure guides created by BerryDunn, OEMS was able to help ensure proper organizational structure and updated licensure and educational processes. BerryDunn supported OEMS with implementing system configurations that allow the EMS system to better meet the needs of staff and interested parties.

OEMS is now prepared for:  

  • Future workforce changes 
  • Enhanced staff satisfaction 
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in conducting OEMS functions 
  • Increased interested party engagement 

The WVOEMS Mission Statement is "OEMS will strive to ensure the provision of quality pre-hospital and trauma care in emergency environments for the safety and health of West Virginia citizens." With these benefits, OEMS is now better prepared to provide high-quality services to its community, respond to emergencies effectively, and ensure that West Virginians receive the care they need. 

Read a related success story about how we helped the West Virginia OEMS select and procure a new EMS vendor. 

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