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Creating efficient and effective processes: A state agency's business process evolution

A state health and human services agency was struggling with fragmented views of client information, redundant processes, and inefficiencies from manual data collection and reporting. BerryDunn’s experts worked with the agency to develop over 130 business process maps and recommendations to understand its current environment and work toward an optimal future environment.


For years, a state health and human services agency (Agency) and its departments performed data collection and reporting on health-related client services manually, using hundreds of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. This resulted in fragmented views of client information, redundant processes, and significant inefficiencies for providers and State staff.


In preparation for the modernization of their enterprise IT system, the Agency sought to document and understand their current business processes to determine opportunities for standardization. The goals of standardization included increasing efficiencies, improving data sharing across the Agency, and improving service delivery.

The Agency engaged BerryDunn’s skilled facilitators and business process experts to perform the following activities:

  • Assist with developing an inventory of systems/tools used to collect and report data
  • Identify the current business processes associated with use of the systems/tools
  • Facilitate sessions with State subject matter experts to develop business process maps/activity diagrams using Microsoft Visio and to document supporting information
  • Identify inefficiencies, bottlenecks, and issues that could be improved or eliminated in the future

In addition, BerryDunn worked with the Agency to develop a high-level vision for the future environment.


BerryDunn delivered over 130 business process maps and supporting documentation for the current state and recommendations for the future environment. As a result, the Agency has a better understanding of its current environment and is well-positioned to capitalize on the improvements that may be realized by more streamlined and standardized processes supported by a modernized IT system.

Long-term value

  • Understanding of current business processes and systems/tools used for data collection and reporting across departments
  • Insight into opportunities to standardize and streamline business processes in the future
  • Ability to improve service delivery for clients as well as efficiencies for providers and State staff using a modernized IT system

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