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State bureau of medicaid services streamlines certification while mitigating risk

Client Description

West Virginia Bureau for Medicaid Services streamlined certification while mitigating risk.


The WV BMS found previous certification processes risky, long, and cumbersome, with only one review a year into operations.


On behalf of our client, BerryDunn’s experts:

  • Facilitated a relationship with CMS to enable WV BMS entry to a certification pilot gate review process that mitigated risk from one review and will potentially achieve certification in half the time
  • Managed the certification pilot process by coordinating stakeholders across the enterprise to leverage resources effectively and efficiently
  • Reviewed certification deliverables for satisfactory quality
  • Planned, coordinated, and facilitated a successful final detailed design review (FDDR)


WV BMS is on track to receive federal certification and reimbursement in half the time of previous certifications—with less risk.

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