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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) business process redesign


Exacerbated by the opioid use epidemic, West Virginia has experienced multiple HIV clusters, stressing the capacity of the health department’s processes and systems. The antiquated and opaque processes within the division led staff to work long hours and caused a delay in HIV positive patients counseled to seek appropriate care, and they needed to move from a primarily paper-based case management process to the HIV module in West Virginia’s version of the Electronic Disease Surveillance System (EDSS).


BerryDunn’s public health consultants met with HIV program staff to map the current processes and assess the workflows for efficacy and efficiency, and redesigned the current process for case management in the West Virginia Electronic Disease Surveillance System (WVEDSS). To ensure staff were well prepared for the change in day-to-day activities, BerryDunn developed training and implementation support materials, as well as an outline for proposed organizational change management (OCM) activities.

BerryDunn helped to transform process improvement, redesign the workflow to maximize staff strengths, leverage technology, and eliminate unnecessary actions. The business process redesign considered the intricate relationships between people, processes, and technology.


BerryDunn’s public health consultants developed solutions that aligned with the BPH’s organizational goals and their larger strategic vision. The business process redesign resulted in fewer systems and tools, elimination of duplicate data entry, a streamlined workflow, improved understanding of roles and responsibilities, fewer bottlenecks, better use of data, efficient reporting, and enhanced information security.

Download our HIV case management infographic to learn more about our work to slow the spread of disease with a business process redesign.

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