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Senior living and long-term care experts

Working with more than four decades of experience, our team of expert business, finance, operations, and technology advisors have tackled challenging issues for a broad range of senior living and long-term care clients.

Whether you’re a retirement community, assisted living facility, skilled nursing facility, or specialized housing facility, BerryDunn can help you optimize finances, staffing, processes, and technology. Our expert advisors deliver practical, up-to-date advice for improving your performance, and can help with issues like high taxes, financial and regulatory compliance, poor cash flow, leadership turnover, technology challenges, retrospective settlement issues, ACA notices, and undertrained staff. We provide:

  • Financial compliance. Audit, review, and/or compilation financial statement services, and value-added insight on operational and reimbursement opportunities.
  • Benchmarking. Clear, relevant peer performance comparisons based on proprietary benchmarking data to help you identify and focus on key performance drivers.
  • Revenue cycle optimization. Strategies to address Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) and revenue cycle challenges, complex reporting and regulatory requirements, and optimize related opportunities.
  • Industry knowledge and expertise. Our CPAs, business and cost reporting consultants, and IT professionals are singularly focused on supporting senior living and long-term care service providers, helping them navigate an increasingly complex regulatory landscape. We can help find solutions for low case-mix index, sluggish revenue cycles, and slow collections.
  • Technology strategy. Help to foster communities, support resident independence, and advance missions through the effective use of technology. Establish clear strategies for technology, electronic health records, IT security, HIPAA compliance, and resident engagement that is understood across your organization, from the board of directors to direct care staff and your residents.

From meeting information technology challenges to meeting financial and regulatory compliance mandates and benchmarks, and adapting to new payment methodologies, clients work directly with our senior talent who take the time to understand local markets, state and federal payment methodologies, unique challenges, and your goals and objectives.

We leverage what we learn to develop clear, actionable strategies—and make better-informed operational and financial decisions. To learn more about how we can help, contact the senior living team.

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