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Empowering the modern Medicaid enterprise, state by state

Faced with fiscal constraints, unclear state and federal regulations, new security threats, and growing public health crises, Medicaid agencies often need external support to manage existing programs while planning for new opportunities.

There is little room for error when choosing a consulting partner. Budgets are tight and the stakes are high. That’s why every US state has engaged BerryDunn experts to help them make better-informed decisions and implement changes while minimizing negative impacts on staff, budgets, and population care. Our seasoned Medicaid team partners with states to:

  • Monitor and assess project activity to identify and mitigate risk
  • Plan, develop, and implement Medicaid waivers
  • Guide and facilitate effective, data-driven decisions
  • Develop an effective policy management approach
  • Leverage and reuse existing systems or plan for new ones
  • Implement a proactive systems certification, modularity, and MITA 360° framework approach
  • Facilitate the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) certifications of a state’s newly implemented Medicaid modules or enterprise-wide Medicaid system
  • Optimize available funding streams to reduce the impact to state budgets
  • Strengthen system security and confirm privacy compliance

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Medicaid Enterprise Management
  • Medicaid Innovation and Healthcare Transformation
  • Medicaid Data Management and Analytics
  • Medicaid Member Eligibility
  • Medicaid staff training through the Medicaid Learning Center

The next-generation Medicaid enterprise is proactive and modular—able to quickly adjust to changing CMS guidance and population health trends. Systems are fully integrated and optimized and decisions are driven by insightful data analytics and reporting. Citizen data is highly secure and privacy safeguards are part of every process. Staff are well trained on Medicaid polices and regulations and individual agencies, systems, and vendors operate under a unified strategic vision and principals of governance. Most important, access to care has been streamlined and citizen health outcomes are improved. 

BerryDunn can help you get there. For more information contact Ed Daranyi.

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