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Medicaid Basics Courseware

We understand the value of having credible Medicaid staff.

The Medicaid Learning Center (MLC) makes it convenient for anyone to learn the basics of Medicaid. Our courseware is simple, straight-forward, and allows each learner to study at their own pace. The MLC is comprised of offerings for both 60-day and one-year seats. The MLC eLearning experience results in MLC Certified Medicaid Professional I (MCMP-I) certification for the 25 course work hours. Listed here are the courses for the Medicaid Basics Module (MBM); notice each Virtual Classroom course provides between one and two hours of training.

Virtual Classroom (VC) courses
MBM-101: Medicaid, The Early Years This VC familiarizes learners with the history and original purpose of the Medicaid program in the United States from the Medicaid Entitlement Act of 1965 to the Three Legged stool that the Program has become.     1.5 Hours
MBM-102: Rules, Regulations, and Laws     This VC explains the basics of the state and federal policy structure and mechanisms that regulate state Medicaid programs. 2 Hours
MBM-103: Medicaid Funding Basics This VC will answer the fundamental question: "How does the government pay for the Medicaid program?" The VC reviews a) how Medicaid dollars get turned into services via the "chain of claims" and b) greater details behind the flow of dollars between CMS and the states. 1.5 Hours
MBM-104: The Language of Medicaid This VC offers the learner the ability to begin the task of understanding the unique language of Medicaid, terms, definitions, acronyms, and the like. 1 Hour
MBM-105: Acronyms and Other FYI This VC provides an interactive opportunity to gain knowledge of commonly used acronyms. 1.5 Hours
MBM-106: Terms to Know This VC provides the learner with an interactive opportunity to begin the process of learning Medicaid related commonly used terms. 1.5 Hours
MBM-120: People Groups This VC provides an overview of the groups served by the Medicaid program and describes special services provided to various populations. 1 Hour
MBM-121: Access to Assistance While going through this VC, the learner familiarizes herself with barriers to access to assistance and learns how the Medicaid program aids in overcoming those barriers. 1 Hour
MBM-122: Programs (Standard, Optional, and Waiver) After completing this VC, the learner will better understand the Federally mandated standard Medicaid program, the optional services offered by some states, and how states offer specific services via waivers. 1 Hour
MBM-130: The Not So Basic Organizational Chart     This VC explores the business models typically seen in state Medicaid agencies, and explores common structures seen in state government. 1 Hour
MBM-131: Supporting Organizations and Sister Agencies This VC familiarizes the learner with relationships between Medicaid agencies and other state sister agencies; and the typical interaction seen between agencies to best serve people groups in need. 1 Hour
MBM-140: State Only vs. State/Vendor Models This VC offers the learners a way to become familiar with the relationship in many states between the Medicaid agency and a Fiscal Agent, and provides information about how typically states are structured when they administer their own Medicaid program (without the assistance of the vendor community). 1.5 Hours
MBM-141: Medicaid Payment Models This virtual classroom familiarizes learners with the differences between the traditional Medicaid Fee-For-Service (FFS) and Managed Care (MC) payer environments as well as innovative new payment model trends that are emerging. 1 hour
MBM-150: Medicaid Supporting Systems Upon completion of this VC, the learner is familiar with the history of the MMIS, the typical components of the traditional MMIS; and has an understanding of the types of system supports offered for all aspects of a MITA aligned Medicaid Enterprise. 1.5 Hours
MBM-151: Medicaid System Procurement Lifecycle This VC explains the full life cycle of an System Procurement, offering insight into generally how a state chooses to leverage the assistance of the vendor community at different junctures, the typical timeline associated with a Procurement, and how important to CMS it is to start with the end in mind, the end of the cycle as signaled by the process of CMS certification. 1.5 Hours
MBM-160: Customer Service The Customer Service Virtual Classroom familiarizes learners with the activities and attitudes necessary to meet a customer's requirements, needs, and expectations. It includes topics such as Complaint Management, Staff Responsiveness, and Communication. 1 Hour
MBM-161: Vendor Value Add This VC offers insight into the different types of vendors, in the Medicaid community, available to states to support the Medicaid program. Vendors that offer services such as Enrollment Brokering, Prior Authorization, Claims services, System Development, Data Management, Third Party Recovery, Transportation Services, and Waste Control management. 1.5 Hours
MLM-101: Introduction to MITA This VC offers an overview of the MITA 2.0 initiative and framework. 2 Hours

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