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Medicaid Information Technology Architecture (MITA) Courseware

This Virtual Classroom module examines the history, standards, and components of MITA and the MITA 3.0 Framework. The module also addresses the necessary steps for a State Self Assessment (SS-A), and provides insights into the MITA 3.0 SS-A Companion Guide.

Virtual Classroom (VC) courses
MLM-101: Introduction to MITA This VC offers an overview of the MITA 3.0 initiative and framework. 2 Hours
MLM-102: MITA State Self Assessment The MITA State Self Assessment (SS-A) Virtual Classroom familiarizes learners with the concepts and four major steps necessary for States to complete a MITA SS-A. 1.5 Hours
MLM-103: The MITA Ratzel (Puzzle)

The MITA Ratsel VC familiarizes learners with the components of the MITA 3.0 Framework and the relevance of those components to the State Self Assessment. 

1.5 Hours
MLM-104: Standards and MITA In this VC, we explore the relationships between MITA standards and other industry standard drivers. 1.5 Hours

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