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MITA on the mindMITA 360°

MITA and project management all in one place for outstanding results

The MITA 360° service combines Project Management and MITA to create a governance structure and framework that assists states in maintaining and maximizing their MITA State Self-Assessment (SS-A), MITA Roadmap, Advance Planning Documents (APDs), certifications, and state of operations inclusive of projects and initiatives under consideration and/or underway.

Our extensive experience and feedback from clients around the country led us to develop this unique and powerful tool. Utilizing the MITA 360° approach, we partner with you in support of sustaining and continually maturing your program, while also maintaining state and federal compliance by directly aligning your Medicaid enterprise with your business capabilities through structure, transparency, and meaningful reporting across projects and programs.

Recognizing the value project management and the MITA framework brings to state Medicaid enterprises, BerryDunn will partner with you to implement the MITA 360° approach for your program so you can maintain, manage, and mature your Medicaid enterprise. With this approach you can:

  • Mature your program through structured change of your business process capabilities.
  • Implement supporting technology by enhancing your ability to support modular implementations through project management scalable to your program and business needs.
  • Target Process Improvement with a customizable, innovative way to manage your MITA SS-As, Project or Program Management Offices, and Governance Structure.
  • Be aware and collaborate across state stakeholders and the vendor community.

To learn more, please contact our MITA state self-assessments services team.

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