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Health Information Technology (HIT) Courseware

This Virtual Classroom module covers the most important aspects of Health Information Technology (HIT), including HIT legislation and organizational structures. Other key concepts include Meaningful Use, EHRs, and roles of federal and state government in the national vision for HIT adoption.

Virtual Classroom (VC) courses
Introduction to Health Information Technology (HIT)
This VC is an introduction to Health Information Technology (HIT) and provides an overview of the general concepts associated with HIT (such as ePrescribing, EHR, EMR, PHR, and HIE) by tracing its evolution through both government programs and the healthcare industry. After introducing learners to the role of HIT in regards to the stakeholders and current technological developments, the course will then highlight how government programs, like the VA, IHS, Medicare, and Medicaid, have changed because of both the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 and the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act and the Affordable Care Act (ACA).  2 Hours
EHR and HIE Essentials  
This VC offers learners a better understanding of two key components of the HIT initiative facilitated by the HITECH Act: Electronic Health Records (EHR), and Health Information Exchange (HIE). It examines the national roles of both as well as the role of Medicaid in adopting these technologies into business processes (MMIS through MITA) and the State Medicaid Health Plan (SMHP). This course also examines EHR use, technologies and various HIE technologies, architectures and infrastructures that will meet the national objectives through the expansion of the NHIN, and provider adoption. 1.5 Hours
Medicaid and HIT
This VC equips learners with a better understanding of the federal government's long-term goals for HIT adoption and state Medicaid program expansion. This course examines how the HITECH Act within ARRA encouraged national adoption of HIT. It also highlights several of the act's Meaningful Use criteria and how it has evolved in to quality assurance HIPAA regulations in the HIT environment, and HITECH structure for the relationship between Medicaid and HIT. 1.5 Hours
Options for HIT Support Medicaid Programs
This VC educates learners about SMHPs, specifically the Medicaid funding mechanisms available to the states to support HIT and how the funding mechanisms pertain to the national objectives for HIT and Medicaid. This course will examine the changes to Medicaid's regulatory environment, the SMHP planning process, and how these changes impact the needs and concerns of the provider community. 1.5 Hours

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