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Investment management for health and human services

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Connected HHS data for improved decision-making

Transform Health and Human Services (tHHS) provides the Medicaid and HHS community with a suite of user-friendly integrated solutions for managing all Medicaid capability investments through all phases of the Medicaid Enterprise Systems life cycles.

Working with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Medicaid agencies, MITRE, and vendors, we have designed our tools to help you optimize alignment and integration of HHS information. Clients have access to connected and contextual data, analytics, and tools, as well as our team’s deep expertise to help you tackle your state’s Medicaid challenges.

tHHS offerings

tHHS provides readied and targeted information to Medicaid agencies to support informed conversations, better decision-making, and improved federal and state collaboration. Our solutions include tHHS Insights, State Health Dashboard (SHD), and Investment Manager (IM). 

tHHS Insights

tHHS Insights is a searchable, curated data platform that supports procurement and vendor management efforts. It provides easy access to trusted, unbiased, up-to-date market information that enables Medicaid agencies to make informed investment decisions during planning, solution and vendor selection, and implementation. With over 10,000 reviewed and curated artifacts, clients can access Advance Planning Documents (APDs), Requests for Proposals (RFPs), other procurement documents, contracts, outcome measures, and additional resources of interest to states and territories.  

State Health Dashboard

The State Health Dashboard (SHD) provides agency leadership, federal partners, and other external stakeholders with real-time views into the health of the agency, their investments, and the state’s plans for the future. With SHD, it’s easy to share information between the Medicaid agency and their State Officer (SO) and have an immediate view into key aspects of an agency's Medicaid activity. This tailored, real-time look into the health of the Medicaid Enterprise allows the SO to view the results of their investments and inform planning. 

Investment Manager

Investment Manager (IM) enables agencies to integrate planning, management, and reporting processes that are the core of the portfolio, program, and project management functions of the Medicaid agency. IM is a framework for making investment and strategic decisions, assessing investment process effectiveness, and refining investment-related policies and procedures. 

IM aligns health and human services policy for portfolio investments by creating and supporting a life cycle for agencies that supports adherence to Streamlined Modular Certification (SMC) and outcome goals. IM has expanded capabilities that leverage tHHS Insights and the SHD to consolidate critical business information to drive and promote progress. 


Program and portfolio strategy mapping

Integrate planning, management, and reporting processes

CMS monthly reporting

Compile all necessary information and generate the monthly report for CMS

APD generation and comparisons

Generate, view, and compare Advanced Planning Documents (APDs)     

Outcomes management and planning

Track both CMS-required and state-specific outcomes

MITA State Self-Assessment
(SS-A) facilitation and visual reporting

Analyze program maturity with structured scoring, evidence collection, and graphic visualizations 

Procurement planning

Inform procurement decision-making with access to over 11,000 curated APD, procurement, and contract documents

A commitment to collaboration

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining relationships with our partners, including CMS, Medicaid agencies, MITRE, and vendor partners. It is the success of these relationships combined with tHHS and our team’s expertise that allows us to meet our collective goals. 

We are committed to a continuous feedback loop with our partners to drive enhancements and the perpetual maturation of tHHS. 

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