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Programmatic audits and compliance examinations: Knowing is half the battle

Government agency programs often include layers of law and regulation, with special compliance considerations adding still more complexity for programs that handle sensitive information. BerryDunn’s audit professionals have deep experience in navigating these requirements in areas that include governmental accounting, internal controls, healthcare programs, and cybersecurity. We help clients gain confidence in the compliance and effectiveness of their respective programs. 

Through our risk-based audit approach, we identify those controls at higher risk and develop tailored solutions, rather than applying a standardized, one-size-fits-all approach. We assess the risk of potential impact of noncompliance through best practices, our professional judgment, and more importantly, through discussions with our clients. Our programmatic audits and compliance examinations provide:

  • Confidence in the current regulatory compliance standing of reviewed programs
  • Exposure of potential program weaknesses and recommendations for practical, attainable improvement 
  • Support to remediate audit findings with clear, actionable strategies for the implementation of new processes and controls 

We’ve conducted numerous programmatic audits for the State-Based Marketplaces (SBM) since FY2014. We have served more than 30% of all currently active SBMs, and we conduct consecutive years of programmatic audit for each of our SBM clients. We also serve: 

  • Programs that receive government funding
  • Government organizations that have mandatory annual programmatic audit requirements
  • Government organizations that seek more efficiencies, transparency, and confidence in their program integrity

To learn more, please contact our programmatic audits and compliance examination services team

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