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BerryDunn Taps DEI Leader to Round Out the Firm's Culture and Engagement Team


BerryDunn is pleased to announce the hiring of Priscilla Hammonds, a widely respected and experienced diversity leader, as the firm’s Director of DEIBA, Engagement, and Well-being. Hammonds will round out the firm’s Culture and Engagement team in this newly-created strategic role to steward initiatives that benefit clients, employees, and partners.  

Hammonds brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the firm, with more than 30 years of experience in the insurance industry and over 20 in leading strategic DEI initiatives. She has led efforts to increase cultural competence, diverse hiring, inclusive leadership, and cultures, and her leadership roles include having served as an Assistant Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Community Relations and a Corporate Diversity Consultant.  

Hammonds joined the firm on July 24 and shared her reasons for joining BerryDunn, “I was impressed by the company’s commitment to laying a strong foundation for a DEIBA strategy. Hiring an external consultant to do an assessment, launching a DEI Advisory Council and Employee Resource Groups, and creating this role shows that BerryDunn is ‘walking the talk’ and understands that DEIBA impacts all aspects of the organization.” 

BerryDunn works to sustain an environment that empowers people by respecting and appreciating what makes everyone different. This culture of belonging enables team members to feel safe and connected, supported as people and professionals, and able to fully realize their potential. Chief Culture and Engagement Officer Mark Felici shared his excitement, “This new role helps further the firm’s long-term vision by creating a culture of belonging for all staff. We approach our DEIBA initiatives with the same passion, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness that is in our firm DNA, and we want every employee to feel that they can be their authentic selves here. I’m thrilled that Priscilla has joined the firm to steward our efforts in support of work-life harmony, well-being, belonging, and employee engagement.” 

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