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A partner that goes beyond tax return filings

We understand nonprofit organizations are more than just a Form 990. We’re a firm with extensive experience in the tax-exempt arena that can assist in the myriad of issues tax-exempt organizations face on a daily basis. Our dedicated team of nonprofit tax experts are here to help tax-exempt organizations gain control over a variety of tax issues including:

  • IRS Forms 990 and 990T: Extensive experience with these crucial filings. Instead of just taking a check-the-box approach, we assist clients in using the Form 990 as a strategic tool.
  • Unrelated Business Income (UBI) Tax: The distinctions between tax-exempt revenue and the taxable realm of unrelated business income can be complicated. We’ll help you navigate the highly technical rules that separate the two.
  • Multi-entity Planning: For-profit companies aren’t the only ones that can benefit from a multi-entity corporate structure. Used properly, it can help nonprofit organizations manage risk and protect their tax-exempt status.
  • State and Local Tax Returns: UBI tax issues go well beyond the federal level. Our not-for-profit tax group also prepares state and local tax filings.
  • Contract Review: Our experts will help you review your organization’s royalty, affinity, and sponsorship contracts to ensure you comply with the complex rules that differentiate tax-exempt and taxable income.
  • Education: We are current on all tax-exempt tax issues and educate our clients to help them gain control of “hot-button” issues at both the federal and state levels. Our experts are well-known and regularly present at a number of regional speaking engagements.
  • Audit Representation: While receiving an IRS/State audit letter in the mail can be daunting, our experts will stand with your organization every step of the way throughout the audit process.
  • Mock Audits: Our mock audit services help organizations gain an understanding of where there may be issues of noncompliance or instances where you can deploy better practices to maintain compliance with federal and state tax laws.
  • 501(r) Compliance: With new regulations in place, tax-exempt hospitals face more IRS scrutiny than ever before. We work with hospitals in a mock audit setting to ensure compliance with the various aspects of 501(r) regulations.

To learn more, please contact our not-for-profit tax services team

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