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Innovative strategies for long-term success

For parks and recreation departments, having a long-term strategy often takes a back seat to day-to-day operations. As experts in long-term planning and organizational strategy, we have created every type of planning and efficiency engagement that fits each organization’s specific needs. As partners in your success, we work tirelessly to help you build organization capacity that will last. We help our government clients create programs that help them continuously improve, creating strategies that include a long-term vision for sustained improvement. BerryDunn can help you with:

Strategic and master planning
Develop a system-wide approach to the management of physical assets and services through master planning and the creation of future direction through visionary strategic planning. These planning processes will include determining community needs for future decision making. The processes will yield a significant return on investment of financial resources in identifying methods to become more efficient and effective.

Pricing and cost recovery studies 
Identifying the true costs of services is critical in the service delivery process. This includes a review of your revenue plan, subsidy levels, and pricing policy in order to build solutions based on your agency’s philosophy. It is important to note that pricing is not strictly a financial exercise as there are many nonmonetary impacts on pricing services. 

Staff training, public speaking, elected official workshops 
We offer a wide variety of staff training and workshop opportunities, customized to meet your specific needs and areas of improvement. Examples of topics include: innovation, industry trends, change management, strategic and master planning, customer service system, leadership topics, and program development systems.  

Strategic customer service system
One of the most significant challenges facing a park and recreation agency is the ability to offer consistent service quality, given the large numbers of facilities and substantial number of part-time and seasonal staff. This lack of consistency, in part, is created by the lack of a system to guide the overall approach to service quality. We analyze every aspect of your customer transactions at every stage, and then we develop strategies to help you continuously improve your customer experience.

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