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Massachusetts Digital Government Summit

11/02/15 - 11/03/15

Boston, MA

BerryDunn is excited to once again participate as a networking break sponsor at the Massachusetts Digital Government Summit in Boston, Massachusetts. We look forward to learning, sharing best practices, and connecting with our government colleagues and peers from around the Commonwealth.

Government Technology’s passion is helping spread best practices and spurring innovation in the public sector. The Massachusetts Digital Government Summit is an opportunity for leaders in the public and private sectors to see the latest in digital government solutions, keep abreast of current policy issues, and network with key government executives, technologists, and industry specialists.


Our experienced consultants, Danielle Ewing, Nicolle Field, Dane Fletcher, and Yoko McCarthy, will be in attendance this year. Visit with them to exchange ideas and learn how we're helping government organizations gain control of systems modernization, strategy, and processes.


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