Seth Hedstrom

Our team helps you optimize processes and technology for budgeting, reporting, governance, and more.

Charlie Leadbetter, PMP

Expert IT advice for the backbone of government operations

In tough budgetary markets, state and local governments are tasked with leveraging current and future IT investments to find cost savings and efficiencies.

As trusted, objective advisors to local and state agencies for over 30 years, we carefully consider approaches that create efficiencies, allow for reusability, consider the availability of resources, and save you money.

Our clients rely on us to help them:

  • Analyze and optimize business processes to address bottlenecks and challenges
  • Make informed systems modernization decisions by understanding today’s ERP software marketplace
  • Set missions, visions, and goals and create a detailed roadmap to achieve them
  • Navigate systems procurement from requirements development through contract negotiation
  • Improve financial efficiency, accountability, transparency, and sustainability
  • Identify and provide mitigation for risks to comply with state and federal regulations

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