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Sarah Olson

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It's all about the fit with you and your people.

We go beyond just finding a qualified candidate for you. Because we know that the right match depends on not just technical skills, but also on a strong alignment with your organization's culture and mission. We spend the time up front getting to know your company's values and the kind of individual who will fit in well with your team. This means you avoid the headache, morale issues, and expense of a regretful hire.

BerryDunn's technical experts (our recruiting consultants, CPAs and IT consultants) can help assess candidates for their qualifications based on our real-world experience. We perform behavior tests that identify the skills, traits, and other indicators of success specific to your business and your culture. This unique approach to executive recruiting ensures that the candidates presented to you will contribute to the success of your business.  We also keep a sharp eye out for the best people all year long. The best employees, the people you really want to hire, are already employed or have yet to return to the workforce. By getting to know your company and your culture, we recognize a good fit for you, even beyond the limited pool of active job-seekers.

We handle the details.

Our experience with reference and background checks means you get better information on your candidates. We can get at difficult-to-extract information using methods honed by practice, experience, and networking. BerryDunn's human resource senior consultant has years of experience providing consulting services and executive-level recruiting throughout the Northeast.

Looking for more information about how we can help? Contact our executive recruiting practice leader, Sarah A. Olson.