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ERC tax services

Understanding the intricacies of the
Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

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Helping employers recoup pandemic losses and facilitate growth

The Employee Retention Credit (ERC) is a payroll tax credit that is available to eligible businesses and organizations who kept employees on the payroll during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 and who experienced either a significant decrease in revenue or experienced a full or partial shutdown due to a government order. The ERC has provided meaningful cash to offset the impact the pandemic had on operations. 

At BerryDunn, we are in the unique position of serving clients on both the consulting side and the audit side of the ERC. We have partnered with many clients to help them gather and evaluate the documentation needed to determine eligibility, calculate their credit, and prepare the forms necessary to claim the credit. We have also provided audit support regarding the credit, and we know what due diligence is needed to have the claim stand up to an IRS audit.


Employer eligibility

We work in partnership with clients to determine whether they may be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit due to a significant loss of revenue during the pandemic, or due to a shutdown from a government order.  

Once we determine likelihood of eligibility, we work with management to conduct a gross receipts analysis and research state and federal government orders that impacted the organization. Our consultants are trusted advisors who understand the relevant guidance thoroughly and know what documentation will be needed to back up the eligibility claim. 

Tax filings

Once we have determined eligibility, we assist with the completion of necessary payroll tax forms based on the information gathered during the eligibility phase. We can provide a signature-ready payroll tax form to claim the credit and provide the proper instructions on where you must file the form.

Audit support

Our experienced audit team is ready to assist you if your claim is selected for an IRS audit. We can help management compile the requested document and will represent your organization through the audit process.  

Benefits of partnering with BerryDunn

Trusted advisors

For 50 years, our clients have trusted us to create, protect, and grow value for their organizations. 


Our depth of experience can meet all your service needs with seamless integration: Consulting, tax, audit services, and more. 


We work in close collaboration with clients to understand their business and their goals. 


We understand the regulations thoroughly and know how deep to get to help your claim stand up to an audit. 


We know you have many priorities, so our team makes things easy for you by communicating clearly and being organized. 

What your organization needs to know

The rules and requirements are complex, and many organizations are unclear whether they are eligible and how much they may receive. We encourage management to start exploring their eligibility as soon as possible. Learn the basics around eligibility and filing deadlines.

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