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Economic development consulting

Create a vibrant, thriving community

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Use your community's strengths to spur economic growth

Local and regional economies are impacted by external forces beyond our control, such as demographic shifts, new technologies, real estate demands, and consumer behaviors.

BerryDunn’s economic development team can help you analyze, strategize, and plan for both the known and the unknown to create a thriving community in any economy. From strategic planning to market analyses to community outreach and engagement, we have firsthand experience in local government and understand what you need and how to best achieve your goals. 

Consulting services

Our team has direct municipal experience and understands the nuances involved in creating thriving communities.

Economic development strategic plans

Incorporating the shared vision of the community, we create action and implementation plans that target key opportunities and address emerging threats to local economic vitality.

Goals and visioning
We translate community interests and inputs into a shared vision supported by aspirational and attainable goals.
Strategy development
We craft action plans that leverage emerging opportunities and address deficiencies to propel economic activity and investment.
Implementation plans
We develop budgets, timelines, and performance metrics to facilitate implementation and gauge the success of action plans.

Comprehensive planning

Our comprehensive planning team provides technical, project management, and community engagement expertise for local governments to embark on the exciting challenge of developing the long-term vision for their communities’ futures—as well as the policy roadmap to reach that future. Learn more about our comprehensive planning services.

Market analysis

Our team offers practical insights into the dynamics of your economy, including population and workforce trends, business and industry composition, and consumer demands. Using this analysis, we help you develop solutions to overcome limitations.

Socioeconomic analysis
We analyze demographic trends to identify the strengths, opportunities, and challenges unique to your local economy.
Labor and industry analysis
We evaluate your business, industry, and workforce landscape to detect gaps in the ecosystem and develop solutions.
Consumer demand analysis
To understand the local consumer market, we quantify spending by category to find unmet demand in retail, restaurants, and entertainment.

Real estate analysis

Our team will conduct a thorough real estate analysis that evaluates current and future conditions of the real estate market, gauges the pressures on commercial and residential construction, and leads to strategies that will meet the needs of the community.

Housing supply and demand
We investigate trends in the housing market to understand the effects on community quality of life and economic growth.
Commercial supply and demand
We assess the dynamics of your commercial real estate market, including retail, office space and industrial uses.
Strategic planning
We develop targeted strategies for addressing real estate market deficiencies, mapping a pathway to success.

What to expect at BerryDunn

Focused on inspiring organizations to transform and innovate, BerryDunn’s Local Government Practice Group can help you solve your biggest challenges for your organization as a whole and in specific areas. Our team is comprised of broadly specialized consultants and former local government leaders who exclusively serve local government clients.

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