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Are your vendor contracts putting you at risk?
CECL adoption: The five W's of data
CECL documentation: Your methodology blueprint
CECL implementation: Segmentation ABCD's
CECL implementation: So, you've developed reasonable and supportable forecasts — now what?
CECL implementation: Three steps for a medal-winning adoption 
CECL readiness: Vendor or no vendor? 
CECL: Reasonable and supportable? Be ready to be ALLL in
CECL: Understand the audit requirements and prepare for what's to come
Coordinating initiatives across state HHS: Questions to ask
COVID-19 and opportunities to reboot managed care
COVID-19 and the e-commerce explosion
COVID-19 consulting resources
COVID-19 laws and their impact on state public health agencies
COVID's impact on behavioral health: Solutions for state agencies
Creating a culture of cybersecurity awareness
Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL) final standard: Update
Defined contribution plan distributions: Considerations and recommendations
Design, Development, and Implementation (DDI) and project impacts resulting from the Public Health Emergency (PHE)
External capacity: Cybersecurity playbook for management #4
FASB delays credit loss rules
FASB releases CECL: What you need to know now
Fiduciary risk: Five ways to control and reduce it
How Medicaid programs are preparing for the operational challenges of the PHE unwinding
How our new friend CECL affects bank and branch acquisitions
Impacts of the CARES Act on employee benefit plan distributions
Implementing CECL: Kicking and screaming
Incident recovery: Cybersecurity playbook for management #8
Incident response: Cybersecurity playbook for management #7
Integrated design and development for state agencies: Building for the family
Keeping the PERM Manual update in focus during the PHE
Key considerations from GASB Statement No. 99 
Maturity modeling: Cybersecurity playbook for management #1
MESC 2021 reflections 
Paycheck Protection Program (PPP): Resource for lenders
Paycheck Protection Program: Updates on new and existing loans
People and processes: Planning health and human services IT systems modernization to improve outcomes
PERM is suspended―key considerations during COVID-19 
PERM: Does MEQC affect states?
PERM: Prepared or not prepared?
Plan compensation and contributions: Common errors and solutions to fix them
Preventing fraud at financial institutions: An anti-fraud plan is the best investment you can make
Product Management Office: Benefits for WIC state agencies
Questions to ask when deciding your CECL Method
Resources for financial institutions affected by COVID-19
Retirement plan loans: A brief review
Selecting and implementing a maturity model: Cybersecurity playbook for management #2
Service provider fee disclosures: Understanding the process
Social distancing case study: Hosting remote vendor demonstrations
State tax issues impacting your financial institution part one: Remote employees
Tapping your internal capacity for better results: Cybersecurity playbook for management #3
The 1, 2, 3s of establishing your PMO priorities
The 2020 Final Rule—Understanding new flexibilities to control costs and deliver care
The Federal Reserve's FedLine® Solutions Security and Resiliency Assurance Program
The hidden tax cost of bank incentive rewards
The power of the PMO: Fixing the weak matrix
The workflow: Cybersecurity playbook for management #6
Three paths to organizational self-care for state public health agency survival
Three steps to outcomes-based certification
Timeliness is next to godliness: Depositing participant elective deferrals
Two ways states can improve their COVID-19 vaccination distribution plans
Update: Treasury issues a revenue ruling and revenue procedure regarding PPP forgiveness
User Acceptance Testing: A plan for successful software implementation
Using process redesign to align with new CYSHCN standards
Value-based care to increase provider and delivery system resiliency
What employers need to know before making gifts to employees
What vendors want: Other factors that influence vendors when considering responding to a request for services
What vendors want: Vendor decision process in answering requests for services