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National Healthcare at Home 2021 Best Practices and Future Insights Study


Sponsored by: National Association for Home Care and Hospice (NAHC), National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO), NAHC Forum of State Associations, LeadingAge, Home Care Association of America (HCAOA), Council of State Home Care and Hospice Associations, HealthPivots, and Delta Health Technologies

We are excited to announce the return of best practice research to the industry with the inaugural National Healthcare at Home 2021 Best Practices and Future Insights Study. The purpose of this study is to continue the involvement and commitment to research in the healthcare at home industry. Why? Because we believe home-based care is the future of healthcare and we want to be part of helping the industry grow.

In order for the study to succeed we need your participation!

What you will gain:
Not only will your efforts will help us create a comprehensive report with global observations available to the industry at no cost, for helping us participating agencies will receive exclusive access to our interactive portal with detailed benchmarks and insights that can be segmented by size, outcomes, and more.

What we need you to do:
Agree to a 2-hour commitment to complete our surveys over a period of three months. Each survey should take 20 minutes to complete and can be assigned to different members of the organization.

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The need for national research in healthcare at home
The healthcare at home industry is changing at an unprecedented rate. Last year we faced two of our biggest challenges, COVID-19 and Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM), both of which not only brought disruption to our industry, but forced the entire healthcare setting to redefine itself. Now we are seeing the expansion of Value-Based Purchasing. We are at a critical stage; healthcare is shifting and now is the time to position ourselves in this evolving market. To do this we need best practice research and future insights research that will guide our efforts to redefine what it means to provide healthcare at home.

Purposes of the study
This study will be designed to add value to the industry, to their vendors, and to the state and national associations and organizations that support the industry. This includes data driven answers for every agency in the country on what works, what doesn't work, and what agencies MUST do based on their status. Even more importantly, agencies will learn key clinical and operational best practices performed by leading agencies in the country. All results will be delivered free of charge to agencies and associations.

Bringing the industry together
While important, this national effort is far more than a study to identify best practices to drive better quality and financial outcomes. Of equal importance is that this effort will drive to bring the entire industry together. This starts by bringing the leaders of our largest national and state associations as well as agency leaders together in a collective effort to provide agency research and best practices to the providers. Collaboration makes us stronger. By working together, we will be able to dramatically impact more agencies and, ultimately, improve patient care across the country.

Study timeline
Study methodology will include five phases. These include:

  • Phase I
    A web-based input survey allowing anyone in the field to suggest issues and questions they would like to see addressed in the study. 
  • Phase II
    Meetings will be held with our National Steering Committee, which is comprised of leaders from the national and state association as well as other industry leaders. Together the National Steering Committee will work to review themes from the input survey and begin to develop questions 
  • Phase III
    We will collect in-depth online survey responses from nearly 1,000 agency leaders. This will include a mix of agencies from different regions and with different revenue breakdowns.
  • Phase IV
    Our team of data experts at BerryDunn will work to analyze survey results to identify best practices and future insights that can be shared with the industry.
  • Phase V
    The final phase will include a presentation on the findings during the NAHC Annual Meeting. Afterwards results will be made available free to every agency in the country.

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