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A message for our Boston office clients on tax information


We would like to share with you BerryDunn’s operational response to COVID-19 and reassure you that we are staffed and organized to support you. We have fully prepared ourselves to operate remotely and do not expect any disruption in the services we provide.

Our offices are currently closed to the public until March 30th (unless otherwise communicated).  

  • We have had a business plan in place and tested to enable our firm to continue operations during an unplanned event.
  • We have long supported a remote work environment. Our employees are equipped with the correct technology and hardware to allow them to work effectively in a remote situation and provide you with uninterrupted service.

For clients who have not yet submitted their 2019 1040 supporting documents, we urge you to use our online tax organizer, “My1040Data”. Please contact Jen Minor at to get set up. This will allow us to process your tax information as efficiently as possible.

An alternative to My1040Data is our client portal. The link to the portal is; you’re able to upload your scanned documents to your portal and we will be notified of receipt. If you have any questions, please contact

We will be strongly urging all clients to file their returns electronically, including receiving the client copies of your return electronically. BerryDunn will seamlessly upload your e-file authorization forms and copies of tax returns to your client portal, or we can send via secure email.

We also have the availability to use e-signature in order for you to sign the necessary tax forms for us to submit your tax returns electronically. This is a completely secure method and you can sign your forms on any device without printing the forms to have to physically sign. We strongly encourage this. In order to utilize this option, we will need email addresses of both taxpayer and spouse, if applicable. Please make sure you have communicated your most current contact information. If you have any questions please contact

Visit our website for updates on tax deadlines, resources, and related news.

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