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Leading with our valuesCulture and benefits

Culture comes first at BerryDunn.

Our vision statement sums it up the best: We create a fulfilling and engaging environment that inspires our employees and clients to grow and thrive. Our culture, with all the professional, respectful, funny, empathetic, and genuine people, is our shared commitment.

Why the emphasis on culture? From the very beginning of our firm nearly 50 years ago, the way we treat others has been at the core of what we’re about. We value our communities and the people in them, beginning with our employees.

Holistic well-being: More than just a wellness program
At BerryDunn, instead of focusing on “wellness,” we focus on “well-being.” While wellness is about physical and mental health, well-being takes into account the five dimensions of well-being: physical, mental, social, career, and financial. We champion the well-being of employees through different stages in their careers and are intentional in providing high-quality benefits and resources that benefit each individual’s well-being. From mental health, nutrition and fitness programming, to financial workshops, self-care breaks, company-wide activity challenges, and team outings, we support all aspects of well-being.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion
BerryDunn is committed to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the workplace and in the communities where we work and live. To promote initiatives and drive progress, BerryDunn established a Council for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging, and Access consisting of employees representing different backgrounds within the firm. Nationally, BerryDunn signed onto the CEO Action Pledge for Diversity & Inclusion™, pledging to cultivate a trusting environment where all ideas are welcomed, and employees feel comfortable and empowered to have discussions about diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging, and access. We continually strive to understand what it means to our employees, our clients, and our culture.

BerryDunn is an equal opportunity employer, and we evaluate qualified candidates without regard to race, color, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, creed, marital status, sexual orientation, disability, veteran’s status, citizenship, or any other characteristic protected by law. BerryDunn is committed to working with and providing reasonable accommodations to individuals with disabilities as well. Our employees may be subject to one or more pay equity and/or pay transparency laws depending upon their location and other factors.

We care about our communities
Our employees are active members of their communities, serving on boards and participating in charity events. Many events are driven by local offices, such as participation in United Way activities and local events and initiatives important to our employees. 

In our workplaces, community means more than just people working in the same space. We want all employees to voice their opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions…and everyone is expected to actively contribute to the success of the firm. We value open-door communication and transparency and encourage collaboration amongst teams and individuals throughout the organization. We are better together.

A culture of learning and development
BerryDunn is intentional about developing the next generation of leaders, subject matter experts, and innovators. We foster a culture of continuous learning that goes beyond our formalized mentorship and continuing education programs.

Our people are encouraged to pursue development and career opportunities based on their interests, skills, and goals. Our curated learning experiences and development guidance help our employees expand their personal and professional toolkits while providing great service to great clients.

Innovation is in our DNA
Innovation is ingrained in our daily lives. Building on BerryDunn’s legacy of entrepreneurship, employees are encouraged to participate in innovation efforts. This has resulted in improved internal work processes and has provided breakthrough opportunities to serve our clients in new and creative ways. Core to these efforts was the development of an Innovation Council to accelerate innovation by offering training, providing resources, sponsoring initiatives, and rewarding innovation.

Benefits that go beyond what’s expected
Our people are what make BerryDunn special, and in return we strive to support our employees and help them thrive. Eligible employees have access to the following benefits to support their physical, mental, career, social, and financial well-being:

Benefits that go beyond what's expected

Talk to us!

An organization’s culture is hard to explain on a website, but we hope this gives you an idea of what it’s like to work for BerryDunn. But the best way to get to know us is to talk with us! Browse our career opportunities and reach out if you have any questions. We love to talk to people about what makes our firm special, and we’d love for you to join us!