Doug Rowe

Our work emphasizes collaboration across jurisdictional programs to prioritize efficiencies and the safety of citizens.

Delivering objective and actionable IT systems advice for justice and public safety entities

When it comes to the selection, implementation, and management of justice and public safety IT systems, there is little room for error or delay. You need a solid plan and flawless execution to gain the upper hand on:

  • Data sharing between operation and the field, or between agencies and jurisdictions
  • Management of aging IT systems and integration of new technologies
  • Cross-jurisdictional programs, slim budgets, and a heightened demand for safety awareness
  • New regulatory requirements that require system reconfigurations
  • Increased scrutiny from oversight agencies, the press, and the public

BerryDunn brings deep industry knowledge and practical advice to the table—we help clients avoid pitfalls, make informed decisions, achieve efficiencies, and deliver a high level of citizen service.

Solutions for your community:

  • System selection guidance backed by independent and objective advice
  • System implementation oversight based on industry and best practices
  • Independent risk assessments to protect your investments of time and resources
  • Strategic IT plan development that drives long-term collaboration between stakeholders.

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